“My biggest fear is that you go back to what you are doing and give all your trust to politician blindly again. Never do that. Never do that. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely”  

Ramli at Invoke Grand Finale Fundraising Dinner IDCC Shah Alam 12/04/2018.

That was Rafizi six month ago at a time when the world was his oyster. He could do no wrong then. He was then a man who had sacrificed all that he had in terms of time, money, even family to do what most of us just dreamed about…to make a difference to the sordid, kleptocratic bubble that we were then imprisoned in by Najib and his band of greedy thieves. He was the poster boy who made us believe that change was possible. He could do no wrong…and yet, for me, the red flags were already flapping in the wind around him. I questioned why INVOKE was all about Rafizi and not about the opposition. I questioned why INVOKE did not give itself totally to the cause of the opposition by becoming one of Pakatan Harapan jentera rather then to remain a jentera at the beck and call of Rafizi Ramli. And even then I could sense that INVOKE was more about Rafizi Ramli than about Pakatan Harapan, Malaysia or Malaysians.

Six months later we see Rafizi Ramli for what he truly is. Like Anwar Ibrahim, he was a man who thought that he could be King…not in the fullness of time, but now, by taking from Azmin Ali what many decades of loyalty and dedication to Anwar Ibrahim, to Reformasi and PKR has given Azmin…. being number two to Anwar Ibrahim. The debate as to whether Rafizi had the blessing of Istana Segambut will not cease with his defeat by Azmin, but to all intent and purposes, that is immaterial to the situation that Rafizi now finds himself in : that of having to eat humble pie and coming to terms with his fall from grace not only within PKR and us all…but more telling…what is to come from Anwar Ibrahim and what Anwar is wont to do to people who will no longer be of use to Anwar Ibrahim…discarded them onto the heap of others whom Anwar no longer thinks he needs.

Hindsight, they say, is a bitch.

Kurt Vonnegut

“Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, “It might have been.”
― Kurt Vonnegut
Yes Rafizi…if only.
In these last few weeks of PKR’s party elections in which you chose to go against Azmin Ali, you found yourself under pressure and you were found wanting. You conducted a long weary campaign to unseat Azmin and if truth be told, you certainly did not win any friends in the manner you conducted yourself.  In the victories that you had, you did not win with humility. In defeat you were without grace. We saw you for what you really are….a man unworthy of public acclaim and respect….and Rafizi you will now have to pick yourself up and start again on the long journey to respectability, grace and some substance, if you are ever to become once again, that person you once were before May 2018 when he world was indeed your oyster!
Of course, Istana Segambut may make a final gambit to push you over the  line at the expense of Azmin by somehow making Julau into your favour. They do so at the expense of taking away from you whatever reserves of goodwill that you, Istana Segambut and PKR may still have from the long-suffering Rakyat. Already Azizah is making ready for doing just that!
May I suggest this Rafizi….cut and run away from Istana Segambut while you still can. Leave it for a bit longer and you will find yourself up the Sungai in a sampan without a dayung. Sure die one bro!