If ……Sivamalar Murugasoo, Rohana Haron, Jalil Essem, Srikandi Malaya, Damiri XT, Zulkefli Ibrahim, Adam Lee, Elena Chua, Philip Lee, Chew Chong Boon, Ric Sim, Zaini Rahmat, Deviga Sharmani, Khairi Kamil, Mohamad Shukri, Fhareezad Rahmat, Mohd Sufian, Valentina E. Pinji-Rajatin, Abdul Nasir Abdullah, Teku Teka Teki, Ong Oscar, Praveen Sankaranarayanan, Azman Abu Bakar, Hailee Harry, Ikhwan Hafiz, Katherine Au, Daniel Martin Sebastian, Danny Wong…and many many of you out there……. had not voiced disgust and contempt in the manner Anwar and Azizah conducted themselves in the election of their own party office bearers…I am sure that Azmin Ali would NOT have won.

Each of you had played your part by joining each other in making Anwar and Azizah understand that we will not tolerate their interference in the battle between Azmin and Rafiz. We made clear too, our disgust for Rafizi who had conducted himself without grace and decorum in his attempt to take away from Azmin Ali his post as the number two in PKR.

With this loss against Azmin, Rafizi’s fall from grace in the eyes of many many Malaysians, is complete. How this Rafizi, who only months ago had us all in the palm of his hands, managed to bring himself down to the level of Anwar and Azizah will be for the history books to tell us when the dust has settled. What is certain now is that PKR has already been wreck asunder. PKR will have to pick itself up from the depths of infamy that it has fallen into and attempt to piece together what is left of the party that Anwar Ibrahim and Azizah has somehow managed to use and abused for their own personal agenda.

Brother Anwar…forget about being Prime Minister of Malaysia! We do not want you as our Prime MInister. We dot even want Azizah as Deputy Prime Minister. Enough said!