If you guys want to have an idea how things work in PKR…watch the video below. Sergeant Schulz, who is pretending to be a General comes up with  gem when he warns the Gestapo about what he will do if they disturb him again when he is with his “neice” :  

“Should it ever happen again, I will report you to your superior officer, and then to his superior officer and then even to his superior officer and I will report you all the way up until it comes back to me….and if I ever report it to myself…you are going to be in trouble!”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qoSLe4U8u0]

That is what happens in PKR. When there is a problem in PKR, who ever you report the matter to in PKR, it will eventually go to Anwar for a decision. Yes even Rashid Din reports back to Anwar. The team that set up the E voting system reports back to Anwar. People in PKR swears alligeince not to PKR but to Anwar Ibrahim. And what does Anwar want to happen? He wants Raizi to be his deputy because Rafizi he can control. Azmin he cannot! It does not take an Angkasawan like Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor to know how things will work out in this PKR’s party election. 


If PKR wanted to give the general public a favourable perception, they could have invited various experts and BERSIH to help ensure that all measures have been taken to ensure the integrity and fairness of their party elections, especially when this is the first time the e-voting system is being adopted. And I also dare to say  there were no external hacking, because hacking into any systems is not easy, unless they deliberately want to make it easy. It’s all a ‘sandiwara’ :  giving themselves avenues to find something to play the blame game, which will then also allow them to manipulate various aspects of the E voting system.

So..you may say…if we know this, why is not Tun Mahathir doing something about it?

This is PKR business. PKR can do as they like. If PKR wants a Baboon as their Deputy President they can do so with or without an election. Not even Art Harun, Chairman of EC can do anything about it. It is out of his jurisdiction.  The same goes for Tun Mahathir. There is no way he can interfere in the internal affair of PKR….but think about this. If I know what is going on, you know what is going on…you think Tun Mahathir does not know? Come on lah…Tun knows more that what you or I will ever know about what is happening in PKR…and every time these kind of things happens…what do you think goes on in Tun’s mind? Do you seriously think that Tun Mahathir will ever let Anwar Ibrahim be Prime Minister? 

9.15 am

On Saturday 10th November, about a thousand party members of the Julau PKR division went to the polls. As we have alleged previously, many of these members were dubiously registered. Multiple police reports were lodged by members who stated that they were registered without their knowledge or consent. Various independent analysts have provided corroborating facts to validate our allegations. Yet, no action was taken by the party’s governing body to remedy the situation. Instead, no foul play or fraud was the finding of the party’s secretariat.

Nevertheless, we now have incontrovertible evidence that vote buying occured on Saturday 10th November in Julau, adding to the mountain of evidence already available that fraud and various criminality have taken place.

In this tiny thumbdrive is explosive and shocking evidence that blatant and unbridled corruption occured rampantly in Julau on the 10th of November. The details are sickening and the _modus operandi_ disgusting, to say the least.

We thank, honour and praise the brave people of Julau for coming forward and stepping up to expose these corrupt practices which are abhorrent to the Rule of Law and an outright mockery of what our party stands for.

Therefore, I am here this morning to lodge a second report with the MACC and hand over this new evidence which is the logical culmination of the carefully engineered and orchestrated scheme to intentionally manipulate our party’s election process and outcome.

As investigation is ongoing in the Julau case, I am not able to provide nor divulge any further details other than that mentioned in this statement. The damning evidence speaks for itself and we leave it to the MACC to take appropriate action.

Parti KeADILan stands for justice and I stand here with my colleagues this morning to serve only one purpose: that justice is not only served but seen to be served, and served swiftly. We will not tolerate anything less.

Vernon Kedit
KeADILan Betong Division Chief

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