Sometimes the goings on in K Hell takes away from me a part of my life that is more important than life itself….family. Or to be more exact, time spent with family because keeping myself “in the zone” to enable me to string together a rational thread to what I do in this blog, takes effort and focus. You need to focus on issues while at the same time not forget the bigger picture that concerns us all – the well-being of our people and our country not only now but more importantly, in the future for surely we owe our children at least the responsibility of leaving a better Malaysia than the one we have been living in. In all this there must be balance. In all this there must be clarity and that balance that we each choose must relate to the circumstance that we each find ourselves in. 

It is now 7.41 am here in Melbourne. It will be a normal Spring day with no report of any cold or wintry remnants of Winter coming our way today. Lately, or to be more exact, this year…the coming of “real old age”…that part of life when you are past 60…has begun to set in into my pattern of life. You consciously adjust every part of your life to that reality. Every physical movement is deliberate, slow and designed to not burden you with pain or too much effort. Sit when you do not need to stand. Rest your mental tiredness anytime you can so that your mind is not on overload. Choose your task to suit your druthers…do noting you will not like doing. Apart from the needs of those that you love, you do most things, if not all things, to please yourself. When you are 72 you can do that and people will make allowances to allow you to do that. And do not forget to celebrate life and enjoy the good times when they come. 

This week my grand-daughter in Canada starts off her Ringette season by scoring gaols…two goals in the final for her team to win GOLD and I am kept informed of all this by her mother, my dear daughter. They all travel together for the away games and I see Isabel and Sofie always there for each other…gives a warm glow to me to see them together.



My dear wife is good. These last few weeks I have started with a habit that I think I might grow to regret. About three weeks back she woke up coughing…and to ease the cough, I got her something to drink. And now every morning for the past three weeks…she wakes up coughing! I know it is all an act on her part to get me to stop what I am doing (usually working on this blog)…go make some thicken water or juice for her…and spent a few minutes slowly giving her teaspoonfuls at a time, of the drink until she has had enough…and she then goes back to sleep and I can go back to my writing. That happened just a few minutes ago…and now ten minutes later she has had her morning drink and is fast asleep again…and I can go back to my writing. This I think I will be doing for quite sometime …and that is the habit that I mentioned earlier, that I might grow to regret because at 72 that is something I might not be too keen on doing so early in the morning. But I will go with the flow…what makes her content, makes me content. And so life goes on….

Everything else is good, though Spring always is a time when the weather fluctuates between Winter and Summer….cold one day and the sun shining away the next….and that is a bother because you need to cloth yourself to suit the day. So you listen to what the weather will be like as often as you can and prepare yourself for what is to come. Apart from these minor intrusions in my life….all is good with me. And when all is good with me, I can see more of what is good with the world around me.