Some of you may wonder how I am able to write as much and as often as I do. The truth is that sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. Always my wife needs come first. And between my son and me, that need is attended to 24/7. Tonight I have been working on and writing for this blog of mine since 11 pm ….and all the time my wife has been sleeping not more than ten feet away from me. The time now is 3.54 am. I have just finished “Maszlee : Three questions” an article I had first hesitated to write because Maszlee had already got enough on his plate to work on…and that rebuke from Mahyuddin did not help any. I did call a friend in K Hell to discuss the pros and cons of doing so…bottomline…he said “Ask”. And so I came up with those three questions for Maszlee. I finished the article about 10 minutes ago, posted it onto steadyaku47, and am now debating with I, me and myself, what I should do next. Sleep or write.

Having my wife not ten feet away from me when I write is good. Some nights she is restless and some nights she sleeps like a baby. In this, maybe, fifteen feet by fifteen feet room, that looks bigger then it really is because of the mirrors, I do all my writing. If she wakes up I stop writing. When she falls asleep again. I write again. Don’t you guys wish that your life is as simple as mine? Whether you write, paint, sing, or do whatever that you have to do to earn your keep, life can be that simple if you can do without most of your wants. Do not want too much of the good things in life. Do not want for others to acknowledge your presence nor should your existence be ruled by their preference. Always patience, always respect for others, always grace in being yourself. 

4.26 am and I am beginning to tire. I will rest for now. Good nite.