8.40 am.Monday morning. 19th November 2018.

Snippets :

ICERD. Don’t know what it is about. Don’t want to know. What I do know about it is that it has something to do with abolishing racial discrimination. In matters and issues like this just use your common sense. ICERD or no ICERD do treat each other as equals. Do not allow the politicians to use race to divide and rule over us. You do not need international convention or anybody else to tell you how to treat each other with respect and grace. Just do it.

PKR. Anwar, Azizah, Rafizi etc etc.For sure PKR is now the biggest component in Pakatan Harapan. For sure Azizah is DPM. For sure DSAI is the prime minister designate. Just remember this. Six months ago Najib was prime minister. Six months ago Rosmah was God. Today they are OTW to Sungai Buloh. Enough said.

Najib exempted from wearing orange? Najib refuses to sit in the Dock? Tun….why? Entitlement again? Tun are you thinking of your debt to his Father again? When are you going to start to bikin like you cakap? Make an example of Najib and Rosmah Tun and by so doing you will  put the fear of God into these despicable two and in those that will soon come after them.

MIC Chief in Airport debacle.Throws his weight around, ignore airport etiquette, refuses to show security pass, refuses to be searched, scolds and shouts at officers : Dey thambi…times have change. The rakyat will have Tan Sri’s like you for breakfast. Nothing will give us greater pleasure than to teach you the manners your parents have not taught you and to give you a spanking on your behind for being a naughty boy. As for the powers that be…kudos to the Minister of Transport Anthony Loke for laying down the law : NOBODY is excluded from a security check at the airport….least of all this thambi who has got that “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” mentality.   

Please Pakatan Harapan…some recognition for the Late Lion of Jelutong, TGNA and Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. They are gone but surely not forgotten.

There are other stuff I want to talk about….but am in need of a Short Black. So I am taking five now.