steadyaku47 comment : Don’t talk Anwar. Just do. Your gift of the gab, your ability to be Jack of all Trades and Master of none, spin doctor extraordinaire, and that fatal belief that you are destined for greater things in life, have got you to where you are now. You are a heartbeat away from Seri Perdana as your residence and down the road from Seri Perdana, is Putrajaya, the seat of all that you covet. Nobody was more sure than you, two decades ago, that you would be prime minister “dalam masa terdekat”. That “masa terdekat” is now two decades old and for all intents and purposes, today a manifesto tells you that the end of that “masa terdekat” is nigh. So why Anwar, do you think you have to take on anybody?
Let us start with Tun Mahathir. You want to take on Tun Mahathir? Now what or who put the idea in your head that Tun will not have you to succeed him?
  • Would Tun want someone who have been convicted of Sodomy twice succeed him – pardon or no pardon?
  • Would Tun want someone whose first port of call was that Mr Sultan down South who said this of Tun “Tun Mahathir is the root cause of the present problems in the country. He has no right to interfere in my state. I will not tolerate his antics,” and this from that Brigadier son of his “the best path forward for Johor and Malaysia is to improve the government from within, instead of bringing it down. There was an individual who “damaged” UMNO and previously challenged the authority of the royal family in Johor, and he is not to be trusted”
  • Would Tun want some one who divides and rules within his own party? 
  • Would Tun want someone who is already gathering around him people with money, people of questionable characters, people who will scratch Anwar’s back if Anwar scratches theirs?  
So I guess Anwar can answer that question himself!

Who else will stand in Anwar’s way?
DAP and Amanah? Why would they want to stand in Anwar’s way to Seri Perdana? They would prefer to stand by the sideline and come in when the dust has settled between Tun and Anwar and give their “support” to who is left standing – that is if there is a Pakatan Harapan government still left to “support”. 
Azmin Ali? Anwar confessed that he ordered the approval of the controversial Julau poll results that effectively handed over Julau and the deputy president post, to Azmin Ali. Really Anwar? I know what I think., You guys know what to think….and Azmin? He did not get to be MB and a Minister by default. So far he has been loyal to Anwar and if he believes that Anwar did hand the deputy president post to him after Istana Segambut has lock, stock and barrel thrown their support for Rafizi Ramli, than of course Anwar will still have his loyalty. If Azmin does not think so….then of course Anwar has reason to worry.
The rakyat? I suggest that Anwar should not even begin to think that he can take on the rakyat. The rakyat took Najib, UMNO and BN out and put Pakatan Harapan into government with Mahathir as Prime Minister. I think the rakyat can take on an ex convict who has been pardoned, a manifesto prime minister who is already showing his true colours by the “friends” he now keeps and a leader who takes sides in his party election. About the only thing left that might save Istana Segambut is probably Nurrul Izzah…and she too is conflicted. How not to be conflicted when she sees PKR crumbling before her eyes when it should really now be consolidating it’s position as the largest bloc in Pakatan Harapan!
There are other things we can talk about to try and make Anwar understand that nobody is walking all over him. All of us, Tun included, have much to do to try and make Malaysia the nation we all aspire it to be. There is an MIC chief that need to be made to understand that a Tan Sri needs to subject himself to Airport Security. There are many crooks, thieves and robbers out there from BN that still needs to be arrested, put on trial and hopefully incarcerated for the crimes they committed against our nation and our people. There is a Pakatan Harapan government still stumbling and trying to find its feet in Putrajaya. And then there is the rakyat impatient for change and unable to accept anything less than the best effort from their elected representatives in Parliament. The rakyat will not suffer fools gladly and we really have no time to walk all over you Anwar. 
Anwar, meritocracy not kleptocracy is now the name of the game. Everything you have done since you left Sungai Buloh has been talked about, commented on and debated many times over by many Malaysians. Have you stopped to ask yourself what they think of you? Have you googled yourself and read what they write about you? And not only you, but also about your wife, Rafizi and PKR? If you have not, then be brave Anwar and do so. It will not be good reading for someone who thinks that his destiny is to one day be prime minister but do google yourself and read what others tell of you….and maybe you will them start to see yourself as others sees you! There is nobody for you to take on out there Anwar. I have always said that given enough rope, you will hang yourself… let us wait and see if you do. 
Rethnasamy R Thannimalai Yes. This guy is a traitor. Cannot trust him. He is still being bed partners with the UMNO crooks.
Mohd Arshad Raji Raji We are doomed if AI becomes PM. A man without moral shouldn’t be permitted to lead this nation.
Clement Chin For many years, I prayed that God will spare Malaysia from this ABIM jihadist. I was so relieved that my prayers are answered when he was sacked as DPM. What more can I ask, when he got a double whammy, beaten up to the pulp by the ferocious IGP? Sad to say, the dark days are back again to eclipse Malaysia. This recalcitrant is a chameleon beyond redemption. If anything goes wrong with Malaysia, DAP will go down with him in the 15th GE.
Tuan Shamsuddin Tuan Muhammad Old habits die hard!
Iskandar Z. Ghazali We dont want a back door politician who is nothing but a barua umno to be our pm Pak..