Here we go again. Idris “titah”.

Yep these guys do not cakap this or cakap that…they “titah”…which is another way of saying “HE WHO MUST BE OBEYED”….huh! In the times that we now live in, these type of people are what we call “ancient”. They live in another era, they exists in their own world and certainly they know not the realities that surrounds them. Nobody, not even Tun Dr Mahathir “titah” anymore for anyone to do anything! Somebody better tell this Idris that words like “beta”, “titah” and that most despicable if not laughable of all of these bahasa istana….”menjunjung titah” are all redundant! WTF does “menjunjung titah” means? You put their “titah” on your head and run around the block yelling what this Idris wants done?

Sorry guys…. I digress.

Idris wants “semua Papan Tanda Jalan yang menpunyai tulisan cina di Shah Alam ditanggalkan dan digantikan dengan Papan Tanda Jalan dengan satu bahasa iaitu Bahasa Melayu”. I am not going to translate that because if you do not understand what it says then you are NOT a Malaysian!

First why only in Shah Alam? Is not this guy Mr Sultan of all Selangor? So why not “titah” for ALL Papan Tanda Jalan in Selangor that has “tulisan cina” to be replaced with Papan Tanda Jalan in Bahasa Melayu?

Let me tell you why this Idris will not or cannot do so. Simply said he does not have the balls to take on all the others who will tell him to go fly kites rather than allow him to do what he wants to do. He lives in Shah Alam…so maybe he thinks he can do it in Shah Alam. I hope the powers that be in Shah Alam puts his “titah” where it belongs….in the dustbin!

Come on lah Idris…tak ada kerja lain ka? Don’t the Chinese in Selangor give you face when they meet you? I think some of them even “menjunjung titah” when they see you…especially the ones that gets their “datukship” from you! Some Indians and Malays too will “menjunjung titah” to you or for you…but not me lah.

I do not think you are worth “menjunjung” for anything. I know not what you have done in your life that deserves any acknowledgement from me for a job well done as my Sultan. Yes Idris I was born in Segambut and you are my Sultan. Like that Mr Sultan down South, it is time you understand that even in Shah Alam, if you continue to behave like a spoilt brat, you will be treated like one. At best Tun might give you a cookie and ask you to go away. At worse Tun might decide to do “other” things. As to what these “other” things are……that is for Tun to know and for you to find out….meanwhile just make like a tree and hush up!