From here in Melbourne, I have watched with much interest and a sense of déjà vu the goings on in Malaysia as Malaysians once again find themselves under a government with Tun Dr Mahathir at it’s head. We all have our druthers with Tun Mahathir. We can each recount what we like of him and what we detest. Some say he is not corrupt some say he is worth billions.Then there are others who says that Tun wants to leave a Malaysia in the image of the Malaysia Malaysians wanted when they put Tun back in the driving seat while others say that Tun has matters to settle with those who have destroy what he has taken many years to build. Say what you will of Tun but you ignore him at your peril.

Two things I am sure of Tun. He is not corrupt and he has our interest at heart….every thing else is disposable. Every thing else is negotiable and really, at his age, everything else is immaterial.

Take the most recent/latest divisive issue that hit us this week….ICERD. Every one who is anybody…except for Mat Maslan and that Bung Mokhtar both of whom, like me, do not understand what ICERD is all about….but everyone else who was anybody had something to say on the matter and were not shy about voicing out their sentiments. Some took the high and noble path waxing lyrical about the end of this government’s commitment to human rights and democracy. Some say this and some say that to suit their inclinations ….but this is what happened when PMO came out with the Media release NOT supporting ratification of ICERD…. the opposition’s huge December 8th gathering against ratification of ICERD was preempted effectively. Now the pembakang sudah hilang modal. All those posters and T Shirts being printed for that day….die standing! Cannot even get back deposit ma! 

Of course you can look at it as Tun going back on his words to the United Nations. Tell me one thing bro…did the United Nation had anything to do with us taking back our country from a corrupt kleptocratic Umno led BN government? Did human rights and democracy had anything to do in getting  rid of Najib and his band of thieves? No ..what brought is to this moment in time when BN is out and Najib will be going in, and the whole damm gang of thieves and robbers in BN are about to get a lesson in Karma….is not our righteous indignation that human rights and democracy is being trampled upon. No Sir none of the above….it was the sure and steady leadership of Tun Mahathir. Now he knows what political capital can be made of ICERD by the opposition who does NOT want ICERD to be ratified and that December 8 gathering might be the excuse they seek to rum rampant and sow discord and mayhem amongst us all. So just for a minute sit back and ask yourself, if you were Tun Mahathir ….what would you do? And that was what Tun Mahathir did today…NO ICERD in Malaysia for now. Done deal! No reason for December 8. No reason for Malays to complain about losing their ketuanaan Melayu (har har). No reasons for PDRM or ATM to declare Martial Law to keep the Malays in political clover. . No nothing….and once again Mahathir did what he had to do to stop things getting out of hand because of racial and religious issues….and once that is out of the way…he and his cabinet members will go on with the task of quietly upholding the principles of truth, human rights, the rule of law, justice, fairness, responsibility and accountability of this nation of ours that we all love so dearly.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how Mahathir does things….and if truth be told…I like the Tun Mahathir’s way more than I like the Najib’s way!! And please lah…stop talking about the end of democracy and human rights. Do not go on about Tun not keeping the promises he made….this is real politics. It is just Tun doing what he has to do to keep the opposition in check and keep things on an even keel as he goes about with what he has been elected to do….making Malaysia a better place then the one left behind by Najib and his band of Robbers and Thieves in May 2018. …making Malaysia Baru happen!


And in case you disagree with me…let Nia Cruz have the last word …. 

Nia Cruz

Nia Cruz Come on guys. If the Malay ban the ICERD. Let them. We don’t even need the ICERD too. What impact does bumiputera status make us?? It drives us to be more hardworking and discipline. They wanna be racist and discrimination ,let them be. But look what happened to them. They became more lazy, can’t even pay their PTPTN. Most of the Malay master student join SL1M program because no one wanna hire them. Then they still blame the government for not helping them. It’s never enough for them. Not ALL Malay. But most of them.
steadyaku47 comment : NIA I could not put it any better! Setuju!