2.26 PM. Saturday Afternoon. Had a late lunch. Fried Kueh Teow with ice cold mango flavoured tea and later a short black to keep me awake for an afternoon of blogging. Now done with lunch, my thoughts turn to urusan negara….issues that concerns you and me. Issues that needs clarification, contemplation, deliberation, resolution and at times opposition.

It is early afternoon now and I have 23,436 page views on steadyaku47.  Over 14K of those views are on matters having to do with Mr King.

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You do not need to be a rocket scientist to deduce what Malaysian are looking for on the Net this afternoon.

The first thing that pops up in my head about Mr King? Him surfing the Net looking for Russians to have his way with! And that made me smile thinking that Mr King, like most of us, surf the Net to look for things we want to look for. Some look for porn, some look for cars to dream of buying, some look for things that makes them smile….our Mr King looks for good looking Russians to have his way with them. What does he want to do with those good looking Russians? First of all I think he wants to make them good Muslims. Har har har! And anything that comes after the conversion is a plus plus for Mr King! 

So imagine this….our King sitting by himself behind close doors (don’t want others to see him surfing the Net looking at girls because they might think that he is looking at Porn). He is not looking at porn. He is looking at girls that he wants to have a good time with…opps that is what guys looking at porn also want. So this King of ours is just being a regular guy looking at porn behind close doors. What does he do while looking at these pictures? Playing with himself or is he just looking? Don’t really know lah because unless you are a fly on his wall, you can only guess. So you guess and I guess…nudge nudge wink wink….whatever it is that he is doing…he must be busy! 

So he finds a former Miss Russia that he fancies. What does he do next? You and me, we can only look. This Mr King has that RM$100 million that Najib gave him before the election to make him go away….and RM$100 million is no Kachang Putih! Just to share with you Mr King…this guy does not even have RM1 million to his name but he can still get another wife ( not too young but ok lah going by his standard!)

So you Mr King,with RM$100 million, can surely can get somebody better. And when you are King…of any country…there will always be girls out there who wants to be Mrs King. If you don’t believe me go ask any Mr King of any country….easy to get girls lah! Aisehman if Idi Amin can, sure you also can!

Anyway guys, those were the things running around in my head as I had my first short black of the day! 

Just one more thought before I end this cakap cakap session. Does this Mr King not have any brains? Tak boleh control your sexual urges ka? Cuba fikir what your rakyat are thinking about you galavanting around the globe looking for good looking young sexy girls to convert to Islam…and then marrying them? Let me tell you what I think Mr King….I think you better have your head examined and do something about curbing your sexual urges. Malu lah bro…..even though we guys like to joke about our sexual escapades we draw the line when it comes to marrying a sweet young thing who is obviously marrying you for your money and nothing else. When you can, go stand in front of a mirror naked and ask yourself if that former Miss Russia is marrying you for your hot body and looks or for your money and the possibility of being Mrs King! And bro…you better tell her that being Mrs King is a no no because I think our constitution forbids a foreigner from being Mrs King.  

Aisehman they should stop inbreeding among the royals. We are getting some real stupid royals already installed as Sultans….and some of you are insisting, a stupid royal is now King! Ampun Tuanku!