If you ask me do I know Malays who will kill Chinese “demi kepentingan Bangsa, Ugama dan Negara”….I will tell you that I do. Not one Malay, not a dozen Malays but there are many Malays that I know who will do that. Some are peers of mine, some are friends of mine and yet there are others who, like  you and me, live, breath and walk this blessed nation of ours just like anyone else who calls Malaysia home. I can tell you that among them are men with Keris and red headbands waiting to be summoned by the Takbir to do their worse upon the kafirs. I can also tell you that among them are scholars and intellectuals who think it their duty to save the Malays from DAP and all the other Malays who have become traitors to their own kind by being with DAP. To them Tun Dr Mahathir is the enemy, the Malays in Pakatan Harapan are lost souls waiting to be saved by them and any other Malays who are not with them are Malays to be consigned to neraka or worse. 

If you ask me if there are Chinese, Indians and other Malaysians who are ready to do to the Malays what the Malays are prepared to do to them… honestly I do not know for sure… but common sense tells me there must be a few thousands of them out here who will do so for the same reasons as the Malays “demi kepentingan bangsa, ugama dan negara”….their bangsa, their ugama and their negara for they too call Malaysia home.

This race to madness did not start with May13  1969. It did not start when Chin Peng took arms against the Japanese, then the British and then against the Malayan government. It did not start when the British brought the Chinese and the Indians into the then Malaya for their own purpose. This madness has been within us all from time immemorial. It is within us all quite like our need to procreate, our need to survive and our need to protect our love ones from harm and danger. It is a basic instinct within us all kept in check by the circumstance and the times we live in and our own beliefs of what is the right thing to do and what is not the right things to do. 

Even today as I write this, if you look at your own self, you know that what separates you from this madness is nothing more than common sense and your own sense of self. You have had the education, you have had an understanding of where you are at in life now and where you will be in years to come and most important of all, you know that unless held in checked, this race to madness will destroy all that you now cherished and hold dear to in life. Thank God there are enough of us of like mind to prevent this race to madness from ever happening in our time and in our Malaysia.

Your duty and mine is simply this. Ensure that there are always enough of us out there who understands that it is OUR BANGSA that needs saving. OUR BANGSA is you and me and any one else who calls Malaysia home. UGAMA is simply the right for each and every one of us to believe or not to believe in GOD, and best of all, NEGARA is what you and I call home. If you hold strong to these beliefs and understand your part in making it all a reality…then for sure, this race to madness will be consigned to what May 13 has now become…a date in infamy that shames all of us. Come let us leave the past behind and let us race forward towards Bangsa Malaysia, Malaysia Baru and a truly Malaysian Malaysia!