By Margaret Chan

The fundamental issue in Seafield Temple:

1. The Developer wants the land and he has been reported to have paid compensation and have obtained a court order to get vacant possession

2. There are 2 opposing groups- one opposing the relocation while another agreed to it.

Now lets go into last night event.

Most Malaysian the majority are peace loving people. Therefore we can assist in reducing the racial tension. The people employed to create the riot yesterday were definitely being paid by someone to do it. We should stop turning this into a racial religious tension because then it will only benefit the small group of people who want this country to be bleeding with it. Never give opportunity to racist and fascist to determine our future. PH which has the majority in the State and Federal Government definitely will have at its disposal all the resources needed to calm the situation and give proper advice to the public. The police force has an effective Intelligence unit. I am sure they would know who is behind this. It is time Rule of Law is being practiced, not just talked about. It is time the peace loving people of all race and religious make their voice heard that they are against racism and for peace. ICERD cannot save us. Only being human and being rationale, we can save ourselves.