Something is brewing and a 93 year old master tactician has already networked and written the last page of the story of the ‘three blind mice ‘of philosophy which is race, religion and royalty. These blind fools are walking into a trap of their own construction. Lambs meek and pliant led to the slaughterhouse will bleat with objection on the knowledge of incarceration and their inevitable death. But these human sheep in wolves clothing are dullards and mutts who are nuts and lunatics. They have been fed all their lives and the reality of any semblance of equality is the profanity that is seems as an unacceptable inequality.

They can’t see or imagine the inextinguishable rain of fire that will incinerate and cremate their ranting, raving and raging to ashes. The rubble and ruin are a foregone conclusion. The die is cast and each one’s destiny on the chopping board of the butcher’s cleaver is assured. This old PM is neither benevolent nor is he as grandfatherly as he is made out to be gushing with this promotional moly cuddling care and act of kindness. 

Taking the general description of how his opponents viewed him and using it not to be disrespectful but to be mindful of realities. His brisk walk defies his age and his poker face gives nothing away. His eyes are shining bright and his nostrils like a hound are smelling out his victims, He is licking his lips in anticipation and dreaming of the years where his taste buds never knew pleasure for want of blood. The vampire in him was starved of prey. He was denied the opportunity to spill the blood of his opponents. On account of decorum, civility and legislation.

The frailty of age has not diminished, dampened or tempered the spine chilling cold ruthless streak of civilized barbarity and brutality that seek to free his retributive revenge driven spirit of blood lust for those who will destroy the nation.

The whip is just an instrument to flay the flesh and allow persons to live. The sword however is a different proposition entirely, it is either to maim or kill not subdue or suppress. Since the differences are clear and obvious, we know that to avoid doom or disaster- the sword will be plunged into the heart to stay embedded into the heart of the mobsters that only a dedicated monster can employ without blinking an eye or twitching a muscle.

His heart and soul are a construction and a constitutional composition of a thousand battle hardened sharpened stainless steel blades of heartlessness and soullessness, when unsheathed without remorse  from the scabbard of his spirit it will unleash unprecedented terror and horror, cruelty and crippling destruction, mayhem and misery, murder and mystery from the master of mistrust. Can we say it is undesirable and undeserving?

He will indiscriminately slash, stab, slay, slaughter and burn without mercy. The flesh torn and burnt may curse and scream in sorrow, the shattered bones may shiver begging for a pittance of mercy, the crushed skulls may tremble speaking of dreams for a far more inclusive Malaysia. Most will however plead for the blessing of death to overtake them well before death is ready to take them.

All that would be much too late, way too late. They who wanted to shout and protest will be reduced to bungling blithering babbling idiots , mumbling insanities, muttering gibberish, uttering scriptures, whining and moaning on their knees invocations of prayers which will remain unheard by the silence of Gods who themselves fear death. 

Each of these nitwits and dimwits would know then, that they have been a day too late and a dollar too short of common sense. The Gods will laugh and cry on pity’s account as the monster after having tasted their innards will desire that blood spills like water to overflow, inundate and flood the soil of a nation with fear.

1969 would be child’s play, 1987 will be a walk in the park. 2018 will be the pleasure of his swan song, it may be the final appeasement that quenches his thirst. A meticulous and well laid trap with the a precise timetable of a Swiss watchmaker is being executed, the crumbs and scraps of a bait is thrown and the gullible whose intelligence was always in screaming rabid frothing expletives of race and religion, will have their skin stripped and pealed to reveal that the true color of humanity will always be red.  

It is naive, utterly foolish and contemptuous to believe that a master strategist or tactician will relinquish his sword of memories that still drip with the blood of victims in the arena of political combat.

The amok and berserk, the mad and the bad, the liar and looter, the jester and clown, the hoodlum and thug, the treasonous and thieves, the preacher and poacher, the mullah and imam, will all rue this day of reckoning that they armed themselves with pathetic toothpicks of intellectualism and matchsticks of ill-conceived rational against a man who is fire and whose smallest arsenal is a sword progressing into an assortment of nuclear armaments.

They are all going to be arrested in a dragnet and held under emergency ordinances of all manner of contraptions, construction and concoction.

This time Malaysians may applaud and garland the beast with the triumphant wreaths of a victor  for vanquishing the victims whose highest ideals was in the vagrant thoughts of separating us.