9.06am Melbourne. Wednesday 28th November.

Seafield Temple : Not even a storm in a teacup! Much has been said about the antagonists involved in this hyped up “war”/confrontation/ showdown…call it what you may…it is a situation where rightly, the rule of law should prevail. If you think that the legal process under a Pakatan Harapan government is unable to resolve this kind of situation, then I suggest you would have some vested interest in the outcome of this melee that the rule of law will not be able to entertain. Last night on Australian TV, the ABC national news informed me that twenty-six people have been arrested as the “authorities” did what they should have done earlier, to defuse the situation. Why the nation should allow itself to have any interest in these kind of situation simply amazes me. Have more faith in the ability of the government that you have elected to deal with these kind of situation. Do not let these religious “holier then thou” guys of “ANY PERSUASION” (Islam included!) to dictate their wants to the nation. Neither should we allow any business men with cables to the top and enough money, to create mayhem and mischief amongst the population just so they can have their way in business. Leave it to the legal process to resolve these kind of situation.

Mr King : Looks like his penis rules his head.
1) Is officially not married.
2) Pay $64K a month rental in Singapore St Regis Suite.

Divorced his 1st wife (mother’s niece from Thailand). Married another one few years ago who is being kept in that St Regis Suite in Singapore. He is not able to bring her here as Palace protocol will not allow a foreigner to be Raja Permaisuri Agung. She was sent to Singapore and has been living there. He has been flying in and out to visit for his sex sessions with her. That is why he was overseas with her on Election Day. Now we know he married another one last week. Now where will he be stashing her? Another $64K a month rental  in Singapore or elsewhere? Who is footing all these bills? He is now on to number two and he has two more wives to go! Somebody better tell him to zip up his trousers and put his ding a ling away and take a cold shower the next time he wants to get another wife. What do we have here…a sex maniac or a King? Jesus Christ, at the rate he is going the condom industry should have him as their poster boy!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaEC-lWSlmI]

Everything else is good.