steadyaku47 comment : Oh dear God…if it looks stupid, talks stupid, acts stupid…then it has to be royalty of the Malaysian kind! Last week it was Mr Sultan from Selangor who cannot stand the sight of any road signs in his place of residence (Shah Alam ma!) that is not in Bahasa. What we do know about this Idris’s is that his like for Bahasa/Melayu did not prevent him from marrying a Mat Salleh and fornicating with some models of the non-Malay variety! And ditto for the randy Raja Muda too. Chip of the old block!
And now we have this guy from Pahang who wants to have road signs in Jawi! Mother fucker….I cannot read Jawi! How the hell am I going to find my way around Kuantan when I go to visit my alma mater (myself ex SABS ma!)?  I have many fond memories of camping by the old VIP Rest House and boating down the river all the way into town when my old man was serving with PDRM in Pahang.  Why Jawi? Can he write in Jawi? Does he write his letters in Jawi? Does he read newspapers in Jawi? Or is this another case of do as I say not do as I do? Just look at that stupid face of his…did he not think before he put his brains and his mouth into gear? At the last count when I was still in Bangsar, this guy already had two wives. Why two wives? These Pahang royals are a randy bunch. I am told by one of those ladies who have been married to one of these Pahang Royals that every time they have their period, their men will be out looking for others to satisfy their lust. Okay lah you guys may smile and do a nudge nudge and wink wink…but it is not funny when you daughter marries one of them! 
Just one last comment : Can someone tell him how stupid he looks wearing a songkok that does not fit? Aisehman if he wants to look religious and wear a songkok….at least wear one that fits. The one he is wearing is just sitting on his head perched precariously …and if he moves his head…it is going to fall off his bloody head!