Yesterday afternoon I had some discussions with Tun Dr Mahathir at his office on some Langkawi project matter, and took the opportunity to give him a complimentary copy of the recently launched “Memoir Cikgu Rashid, Insan Terbilang”. I explained at length Pak Rashid’s main contributions – UPM development, MARA, Malay language, pekebun kecil, minimum price etc, his associations with Tun Razak and that many of his anak murid are Tan Sris. Obviously he had never been told about Pak Rashid.
I took the liberty to propose that Pak Rashid be given some national recognition for his immense contributions for so many years.

We were given 30 mins but stayed on for 45. Some menteris had to wait for their turn. But what I saw in Tun Dr Mahathir made me feel very sad, very touching. He looked pale, tired, mentally and physically “worn out” what with the huge and immense national debt caused by najib, the sheer mess he inherited, the state of affairs with the economy, racial tension, the big shame when so many of the white collar crimes are committed by prominent Malays in top positions. The terrible corruption of the previous government, ridiculous lavish spending, the disregard for our grandchildren’s future ashamed us all. He looked very sad and most disappointed, and cant understand why so many high up people entrusted with amanah are so full of greed.

To a question from my son what advice to give to the younger generation like him, he gave us quite a long answer that reveals so much frustrations built up in his chest. He is most disappointed in particular with the Malays who still dont change much with time. He said young people have to change, in values and attitude and must love the country. He complains about having to handle so many things – even with Hindu temple riot the Indians want him to interfere. His desk was worse than mine, with papers, reports, and what not. He even said, “Look at my desk, so much to do”. He works even up to 18 hours a day, everyday, and he has no time for friends or coffee or do anything else but work. Every problem goes to him. I wanted to mention about some of the ministers not performing, but decided not to.

Yes, this visit I had at his office made me feel very, very sad indeed – a very big sacrifice on his life to set this nation back on the track, to save the nation and to give us all a good life. I could not erase the tired and weary and depressing look of his face from my mind. Even until today. It’s like looking at our most beloved father suffering in pain. You may dislike him for whatever reason, but what if this new government is without him? He united everyone to get rid of a very corrupted regime. Please be fair.

At least give due respect to Tun Dr Mahathir and do whatever we can to make Malaysia rise up again. Pray so he stays healthy and be given energy, and please ask God so he has a long life to be with us all.

M A Badrie
28 Nov 18