steadyaku47 comment : You guys may think it hilarious that he has not yet isytihar his harta but seriously guys think! Istana Segambut is a family business…what money goes into whose account has first got to be worked out…and explained to MACC because these MACC guys cannot close one eye and shut the other anymore…. and what about those overseas account? Are they going to pretend they do not exist? So please lah…have some empathy (some may say sympathy!!) for this manifesto PM to be….these are sensitive issues and he must work out if he can be PM in time to “answer” any questions that MACC might want answered….if Anwar is not there as PM to answer the question that MACC want answered….aiyah banyak susah ma!
  • Ilse Kane :  BTW Someone pointed out that while income & asset declarations are part of Pakatan’s GE14 manifesto, it’s not legally binding or enforceable under current laws.
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid Ilse Kane :  Who makes the law? Who breaks the law? You think these politicians are stupid enough to get themselves in a situation without a “get out of jail” card?