Sometimes I find it hard to tell myself to go write. Sometimes I find it incredibly hard to blog. Sometimes, mentally and physically, the passion and emotions that one must have to blog simply dries up within me. This last week has been one of those times. On the negative side, health issues that I thought had gone away some years back, came back. Spell of dizziness that comes and goes for no rhyme or reasons have started to bother me again. When it comes it makes life unpleasant.

But that is me….and me, I can manage.

I met with some Malaysians last week and the views they expressed about all things Malaysians was, at best depressing. At worse, an acceptance that all will not be well for all Malaysians in the immediate future. I listened and I learned. I listened to the familiar refrain about race, religion and politics. I learned about their fear and loathing for politicians of all persuasion. There was no enthusiasm nor hope that the change we all wanted after GE14 could ever come. The political will among those few Pakatan Harapan individuals that we elected to poliltlcal office to make change happen seems to have been overwhelmed by political realities and the uncertainty of a Malaysia without Tun Dr Mahathir. All in all, the momentum that took our Pakatan Harapan into Putrajaya seems now to dissolve into a bewildering number of inconsequential issue threatening to take us all back to the days when race, religion and money politics defined Government.

When the Pakatan Harapan should be focused on educational reforms, time and effort are being expanded by the government in dealing with ICERD, on Sultans and Kings behaving badly. When politics within Pakatan Harapan should move towards consensus and building a unity government, the spectre of Istana Segambut and the negativity it portends, overshadows and burdens this Pakatan Harapan Government to the point of passivity. And more worrying for everyone, Umno and PAS have been allowed to again use race and religion in their attempt to be “relevant” to the Malays.

All this is depressing. All this need not happen. All this we had wanted a Pakatan Harapan government under Tun Dr Mahathir to deal with as they had promised to do when they asked us to give them the opportunity to do government. So what went wrong?

The simple answer to what went wrong is simply this : Doing the right thing got sidetracked by politics and people behaving badly because they think they can get away with what they do. A culture of impunity and that sense of entitlement still sickeningly prevails, if not thrives within all manner of politics and politicians. If the political will to stop all this nonsense does not exists, what hope have we for change?

You all know how I feel about corrupt politicians, about Anwar, about Sultans and Kings behaving badly and about a corrupt Umno. I am thankful that I have seen the fall of Umno within my lifetime. But let me tell you also that I think I will see Umno doing government again, in my lifetime. All it will take is for one good Malay to take the helm of Umno and soon, very soon, we will see Umno in Putrajaya again doing government. Think about that my friends….you and I know that that is the simple truth.