This is a simple tribute to Tony Pua. Tony Pua did not make it to the top 15 and everyone’s asking why. I believe this is partly caused by the selection of DAP Selangor candidates in the last general elections. 7 out of 15 seats had fresh faces being chosen. That’s something Tony has to pay the price for now – the price for taking risk in people.
He did it for me and Teo Nie Ching in 2007. And he did the same for Yeo Bee Yin and Dr Ong Kian Ming in 2013. Today all 4 of us are serving as Minister and Deputy Ministers. 
If not for his diligence in pursuing 1MDB, Impian projects and publicity materials for the DAP, we would not have won so handsomely. And in the last decade, I never had to second-guess his integrity!
Grassroots politics not easy. Requires spending time with members in various branches and multiple locations. If you are spending time planning and strategising for national issues and DAP at the national level, something would have to give at the local level. I guess this is it.
Today is also my last outing as the Vice Chairman of DAP Selangor. After spending the last 10 years serving in Selangor, I have relocated to DAP Federal Territory because of my new seat in Segambut.
DAP must always be a grassroots party that has its ears and hands close to the man on the street, but now with a new mandate to bring Malaysia, the entire nation into the future. Today Selangor has sent a strong signal that the future beckons, but never lose sight of what has made the DAP – hard work, perseverance, and doing what is right even if it costs you. The fight is worth it for Malaysia.
Tony Pua, we need you now to help Lim Guan Eng get this nation back on its feet. Gobind and the new Selangor team, you need to keep leading so that Selangor remains the model for the new Malaysia.