1. Orang Melayu Kena Faham Kenapa LGE Memegang Jawatan Menteri Kewangan. Itu lah perjanjian asal PH kepada DAP sekiranya menjadi kerajaan.

2. Apabila LGE (cina) memegang jawatan itu sudah pasti ia akan cuba melimitkan ekonomi orang melayu. Sebab tu la x hairan kenapa sawit getah jatuh harga kerana majoriti yang usahakannya adalah orangw melayu.

3. Aset2 khazanah serta felda adalah aset orang2 melayu. Cina ada duit tapi x mampu untuk membeli aset2 tersebut semasa kerajaan BN memerintah sebab ia dijaga baik. Sekarang LGE ada kuasa menjual aset2 orang melayu dan sudah pasti nanti yang dijual tu dibeli oleh orang yang berduit.

3. Aset2 khazanah serta felda adalah aset orang2 melayu. Cina ada duit tapi x mampu untuk membeli aset2 tersebut semasa kerajaan BN memerintah sebab ia dijaga baik. Sekarang LGE ada kuasa menjual aset2 orang melayu dan sudah pasti nanti yang dijual tu dibeli oleh orang yang berduit.

5. Hak sama rata.. bermakna nanti kemungkinan besar x akan ada lagi malay reserve n masa tu la orang melayu laju menjual kepada orang cina sebab difikirkan harga meletop tinggi tapi sebaliknya selepas di jual, mampukah orang melayu kita beli semula??.. kes ni samalah seperti belaku sekarang..apabila aset2 khazanah sedang giat untuk dijual.


[sc name=”47comm”] The above posting was forwarded to me last night by one of our friends. He did so with the suggestions that I should pen a suitable reply to the posting that was directed towards a Malay audience by Ngo Johore.That I began to do last night. By the time I went to bed I was satisfied that what I had written will debunk the “facts” as outlined in that Ngo Johor’s message to the Malay audience.
This morning I thought otherwise. What I wrote last night was only part of what I wanted to do – which is to debunk what was contained in the above posting. The more important aspect of what I wanted to do was to bring to the attention of those who read what I write, and to others that matters, the kind of messages being sent to targeted section of the Rakyat by these army of bloggers who “work” diligently at what they do with the intent to divide and rule our people. 
There is no need for me to tell you that what has been said by Ngo Johor in the above posting are not true. If you read what I write, then you should have the common sense to work that out for yourself. You must also understand that those who do this kind of “work” take their work seriously and craft their “work” to ensure that the targeted audience are reached and made to understand that their present “predicament” of not having Umno as their Champion, is the root cause of their “problems”. This “work” of theirs, if done well, will achieve their ends of putting back Umno into government by the time of the next general election. In short, the work being done by this “army” of bloggers on social media is a clear and present danger to the future that we had aspired to have, when we voted Umno out of government in May this year. 
Now here is the part that worries me. Does Pakatan Harapan understand this? And when I ask if Pakatan Harapan understand this, I am really asking what is Pakatan Harapan doing to ensure that the messages being sent by bloggers such as Ngo Johor, is being “attended” to in order to ensure that their targeted Malay audience are made to understand what is fact and what is fiction? 
I can only talk for myself.
Never in the past year in the lead up to, during or after the May 2018 General Election was this blogger ever asked, requested or contacted by Pakatan Harapan to do any “work” for Pakatan Harapan. All that I did, have done and am still doing in this blog is strictly my own work without any tunjuk ajar or assist (financial or  otherwise) from Pakatan Harapan. If there had been any assist, financial or otherwise, it has come from those who read what I write and understand the need for us to work with each other for change. Let me say this piece with more clarity. WTF does it need for Pakatan Harapan to understand that there is just so much we bloggers are prepared to do to fight your fight for you? WTF does Pakatan Harapan need to see happen before they say enough is enough and that something needs to be done in a timely and structured manner so that the INTERNET can and will be used to manage and neutralize the danger that bloggers like Ngo Johor have been doing, are currently doing and will still be doing in the forseeable future until Umno is back in political clover? 
If the answer from Pakatan Harapan is nothing, then there is nothing more to be said on this matter. We just wait until the next general election comes around and see what comes their way. If they say yes we are doing something about it, then as a blogger I want to know so that we know that there is structure and intent in what we bloggers do to try and take back our country for ourselves. If Pakatan Harapan says you do your thing and we will do ours….I can only say….yes understood.
Any which way we bloggers look at it, (and I have spoken to other bloggers on this matter), I can only say this. We bloggers and you guys in Pakatan Harapan need to understand our goals and need to know our ability to work towards achieving those goals.  Somewhere in that mix, there is failure. A failure to communicate. We need to see what can be done to make good that failure or else bloggers like Ngo Johor will get their message of hate and division across to their targeted audience….if they had not done so already. Where we go from here will be up to the powers that be in Pakatan Harapan. I have had my say in this issue.
WTF is really the most polite comment I can put across to the powers that be within Pakatan Harapan so that they can understand our sentiments for their failure to address the part that we “keyboard crowd” have done to inform those who read what we write, that the time for change has come…and that change is Pakatan Harapan. Is it not time that you guys in Pakatan Harapan recognize that? Enough said.