If any King is abusing any drug, there are some general signs to look for : They include the following:  

  • Difficulties in performing his duties as King – always in Singapore.
  • Disinterest in the affairs of the nation : prefer to spend time in Singapore. 
  • An inability to understand what is expected of him as King – he does not understand that the Rakyat does not want him to spend too much time in Singapore.  
  • Taking long leave of absence, and getting poor performance reviews from the Rakyat in his work as King. 
  •  A lack of interest in taking the “right” wife to be Queen.
  • Drastic changes in relationships – divorcing wife, marrying mail order brides from Russia.
  • A noticeable lack of energy when performing daily activities during the day because his is busy doing “other things” at night.
  • Spending more money than usual (paying for Hotel Suite in Singapore).
  • Requesting additional spending money (like the RM$100 million from you know who lah!))
  • Issues with financial management. Always asking the rakyat to foot his bill and being unable to live within his means. 
  • Changes in appetite. No longer wants Nasi Dagang with Ikan Tongkol Curry, pickled chilis and vegetables for breakfast. Instead prefers a Russian breakfast of kasha, butterbrots, boiled or fried eggs, tvorog or cereal. 
  • Bloodshot eyes, poor skin tone, and appearing tired or run down. Already confirmed by his security detail! 
  • Defensiveness when asked about substance use. Maybe Tun should do the asking and see his response. 
  • Confused mental state : Asking to go on medical leave when he should be asking for “marriage” leave.