The Yellow Peril : With apologies to the Chinese.

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As from today, I will no longer refer to the “Royals” of Malaysia as “Royals” or kerabat di Raja or words to that effect. These guys have become a nuisance in every sense of the word in the manner they choose to live their life and in the way they behave  – more like baboons on heat and monkeys guarding a banana plantations. They chase after anything in skirts and their sense of entitlement is on par, if not worse then those goons in Umno – so much so that they have now become a clear and present danger to the Malaysia we all aspire too after the May general elections. Now these guys have claimed yellow to be their colour…so from now on I will refer to them as the “YELLOW PERIL”…with apologies to the Chinese if they feel insulted (any decent right thinking Chinese should NOT be!).



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