It is now 5.48 am here in Melbourne. The Short Black helps but I am barely awake.

It is no longer possible for us to ignore what or whom is now being used by Anwar Ibrahim in his haste to be “King”. There have been some in the past, who, knowing that they were being used by Anwar for his own purpose, turned and walked away from Anwar with their reputation slightly battered but with their self respect intact.  There have been some in the past who Anwar have used and discarded without them realizing their fate. All that is then left of them is just a shell of what they had been before they met Anwar. Today, at 72, Anwar’s days are increasingly becoming more desperate as time, age and his ability to use people for his own purpose, are somewhat lessen simply because, after a lifetime of doing so, people are wiser.

Azizah is a done deal. Since becoming DPM, anything and everything she has done, dooms her to a “has been who never was!”. At least before PH took government, we had hoped that if given the opportunity, Azizah could truly  be given her time to shine in the sun. To show us all her self-worth. Today she has been given that opportunity and she has failed miserably. Power corrupts and Azizah is the very embodiment of that parable. And worse, power and greed is toxic in any dosage. When one gives oneself totally to it, power and greed….as Azizah by her deeds and words have done in these last few months of being DPM…then we all know her now for what she really is….she is a good doctor, a good mother, a decent and faithful wife….but please Azizah, go back to do what you are good at….leave politics to those who understand its use and abuse better, much much better than you!

Today what is left of whom Anwar can use and abuse can be counted on the finger of just one hand. Among them is Nurrul and Rafizi. These are new bait he can throw at those of you who are still “taat setia” to this man who wants to be King. This is new bait to those of you who still thinks that this man will still be king if only he was given the opportunity to rule. Nurrul Izzah and Rafizi Ramli, so Anwar thinks, will allow themselves to be used and abused, in this final desperate chapter of Anwar’s  life….for this, my friends, will indeed be Anwar’s final chapter of his political life. If he fails…then there is only political death.

Let me tell Anwar this. My brother Anwar….you have already failed. All that you have done since you left Bamboo River in your haste to be King have doomed you to failure. All that you have done in these last few months of being pardoned by our King, has been about you. Not about your family, not about PKR, not about Pakatan Harapan, not about Malaysians or Malaysia….it has all been about Anwar Ibrahim, Anwar Ibrahim and Anwar Ibrahim. Every day without fail, those who read what I write, tell me that if there is anything they now want to do after putting Pakatan Harapan into Government with Tun Mahathir as their chosen leader….all that they want to do and have to do now….. is to make sure that you, Anwar, will not be prime minister …..ever! 

If I, a blogger living in Melbourne, knows this….what, do you think, does Mahathir know? 

Those are my thoughts this morning. I will end this cakap cakap now and will start my day with my reply to what this Rafizi wrote yesterday “REMINDER TO PH” in my next posting in this blog of mine. Salam and a Selamat Pagi Malaysia!