Anwar Ibrahim said…certain party leaders are greedy, deceptive  and uninterested in party unity.

Johari Abdul said…Pakatan Harapan is heading no where.

Saifuddin said…there is truth in what Rafizi Ramali said about the decline in PM’s popularity.

Rafizi Ramli said…Pakatan Harapan  will go down with the PM..

The Musketeers have spoken..

Invoke prevails.



steadyaku47 comment :

These Four Musketeers of Segambut Infamy, if I am to be kind to them, are a bunch of Idiots. They think that Malaysians take what they say at Face Value! Let me tell them something they may not be able to work out for themselves given that they all live under the Segambut Tempurung. We know you guys are all machais for Anwar Ibrahim. We know you will sell your grandmother if that will help make Anwar prime minister dalam masa terdekat. We know, we know and we know! You guys on the other hand do not know that we know because as I said, you guys live under the Segambut Tempurung where you all have willingly surrender your brains, your ethics, your morality and any semblance of independence you may still have for one purpose and one purpose only : to make Anwar Ibrahim PM dalam masa terdekat so that the gravy train that Anwar tells you will start as soon as he is in Sri Perdana, will start asap…. and the spoils of political  power begins to overflow your way. Meanwhile…Anwar plays them all like a violin. They are all like this mouse trapped in a WOK and running like mad and going nowhere as Anwar manically urges them to keep going to no where by banging away at the WOK like a man possessed! 

May you all rot in Hell!