With power Najib Razak indulged in Kleptocracy. Power and wealth consumed Najib and Rosmah. In Umno the winner takes it all. None exemplified this maxim more than Najib and Rosmah. Everything they could take, they took. Legal, illegal, covert, overt, scam, swindled… every means they could do so themselves they did,  or ask others to do for them, with them or to them…they also did. With political power in their hands all things are possible. Wrong becomes right. Bad becomes good. False become true. I have no doubt that when history judges Najib and Rosmah many years from now, it will tell Malaysians that those two were leaders Malaysians had to have so that we will make sure that the likes of those two will never be able to walk the corridors of power ever again in Putrajaya. It is a lesson learnt at tremendous costs to our nation and it’s people.

For now we are too close to all that has happened before May 2018 to fully comprehend what it is that we must do to prevent another Najib and Rosmah from ever being able to wreck their greed upon us all. And even if we do know that we must not allow another Najib or Rosmah to ever darken our shores again, this Pakatan Harapan government, for whatever reasons, is still unable or unwilling to ensure that the toxic marriage of power and greed, will not happen again in the forseeable future. Today should a Malaysian leader decides he/she will use political power to do another Najib and Rosmah upon us all, he or she can do so. 

That brings me to Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah.

These two, in my judgement, will be the next Najib and Rosmah……with one possible twist…..Wan Azizah will be Najib and Anwar will be Rosmah. Tun Mahathir have had to make the statement about the transfer of power again and again. Anwar is afraid that if something happens between now and then, Wan Azizah will be the acting (first woman)PM. Now what happens if Wan Azizah will not pass that Prime Minister post to Anwar of her own free will? 

The first sign of that was when she immediately declared not relinquishing her parliamentary seat for AI to contest….now tell me…if she is not willing to give up her parliamentary seat for Anwar, will she willingly give up the Prime Minster’s post for Anwar? It does not take too much brainpower for anyone to imagine what Wan Azizah will do if ever that scenario ever presented itself to her. Power corrupts…..etc etc etc…Bye bye Anwar!

Think about that guys….add what I just wrote above to all the ills, intrigues and “what have you” that is all happening in PKR today….and you will have some idea what is waiting to explode within PKR. All that is now happening in PKR has to do power and the spoils of political power and with greed. Add to all that a Wan Azizah who thinks this is her time to shine in national politics and damm Anwar! 

Now the last question to ask yourself is simply this…can, will or should Wan Azizah do this? What has she got on Anwar Ibrahim that can allow her to even think of doing that? Nang boti nang qui boti qui!