At 92, Tun, once again, is faced with the reality that he simply is not that good in deciding who should take over as prime minister when it is time for him to leave…again. And this time around I am inclined to allow him to repeat his mistake without berating him for doing so. But even more puzzling for me is why Tun’s “mistake” is unable to work out for himself why, once again, he is about to become another of Tun’s “mistake” almost two decades from the time when, as a “mistake,” he was unceremoniously sacked as Tun’s designated successor.    

These are my thoughts in the last few hours of 2018. 

The answer to why Tun keeps making those mistakes and why the “mistake” is unable to learn from the past will make interesting copy…if I can get my head around it enough to be able to write rationally on the matter. Suffice for me to say here that I will make that attempt sometime in  2019. I would like to believe that Tun will make right what he has done wrong this time around. At what costs to Tun, to the “mistake” and to Pakatan Harapan is for history to tell us…that is why I will wait.

If events in these last few months are any indictions of the times to come for Malaysia and us Malaysians…I would suggest that no one hold their breath in the expectation of the good times that we had hope will come after those terrifying Umno days! We know that some of those Umno bastards have been dismissed from office, some ill-gotten gains have been seized, bank accounts frozen, charges have been laid, arrests made and trials have even started…but nobody is going to jail yet. I guess the wheels of justice moves a trifle too slowly for our liking. A few of those Umno bastards are thumbing their noses at the powers that be…and if what we are hearing from those in PH who should know better, are true…then the culture of impunity and money politics have found a new home in Pakatan Harapan. Jom cari makan! Jom join Pakatan Harapan!

The Malays are still having all sorts of problems, but at least it is now no longer DAP’s fault. This time it is the fault of other Malays in Umno and PAS and of course, some Chinese. I was born a Malay and I suspect I will die a Malay. In between I intend to live my life as a human being – no more, no less. And if, to do that, I have to live in Melbourne….so be it.

Enough for now guys. It is now 11.29 pm…and I want to sit out the rest of what is left of this year sitting and holding hands with my dear wife. I give thanks for another year gone by in her company and want nothing more than to still be with her for many more years to come. All that I wish for you all is that you will find your love as I did find mine over 50 years ago….and counting. Happy New Year.