SEPTEMBER 16, 2008 / 2:11 PM / 10 YEARS AGO

Malaysia’s Anwar says he has majority to rule

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia’s opposition alliance claimed on Tuesday it had enough support in parliament to oust the government and sought a meeting with the premier to discuss a handover as well as the king’s consent.

Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim speaks during a news conference at his office in Petaling Jaya, outside Kuala Lumpur September 16, 2008. REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim told a media conference that he expected Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to meet him within the next few days to discuss a transition of power from the government, which has ruled for more than 50 years.

It was the most forceful statement yet that Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, is close to winning Malaysia’s top job after being imprisoned for sodomy and corruption in the late 1990s and barred from office.

He declined to spell out what his majority could be in the 222-member assembly, but he needs at least 30 MPs to cross the floor from the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition and join his 82-strong bloc, which is made up of three political parties.

“We have enough strength to form the government. Once we meet the prime minister, we will abide by the constitution and seek the consent of the king,” Anwar told a news conference.


steadyaku47 comment : The above was what happened a decade ago. Today it is all happening again in PKR. The tragedy that is now being played out in PKR is the tragedy of a Malay dominated political party, fill to the rafters with Malays politicians with the calibre and the capability to provide leadership not only for the Malays but for all Malaysians. PKR is now imploding within itself. It is a tragedy for Anwar, Azizah & Nurrul. A tragedy for Azmin & Rafizi. It is a tragedy that many other Malays and diehards early supporters /reformist who still support PKR but, for various reasons, have left the party. All of them disillusioned by changes after PKR “won” in 2008. The spirit of comparde   – reverence and friendship for each other – have now turned to personal interest. Today PKR/Anwar Ibrahim’s “Reform Agenda.” is that Anwar Ibrahim becomes the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia. And this “Reform Agenda” must take place without sabotage and manipulation. Everything else is a smoke screen. 

On what is now happening in PKR, why it is happening and what will be the end result of it all….everyone has an opinion. Me included! One man is the cause of it all. One man can resolve it all. Anwar Ibrahim.

From early this morning I have been trying to write about what is happening in PKR and that is all that I have been able to put together so far….until a few minutes ago, when the following was forwarded to me, written by Ibrahim Yaakob ……and it says most of what I wanted to say about PKR…so here it is as forwarded to me : 

By Ibrahim Yaakob :

I’m sick and tired having to witness PKR’s endless episodes of the drama “I want to be Prime Minister”. I just want to make it very clear, it doesn’t matter who becomes the next Prime Minister after Tun Mahathir, but that person must have the majority support of the 222 members of the Dewan Rakyat. Past experience in government is not and should not be a prerequisite but fear of God, honesty, humility, caring for the Rakyat, principled and able to be a just,inclusive & tolerant leader are some of the qualities that the Rakyat should expect of a Prime Minister.

Coming back to Parti Keadilan Rakyat, your house is far from stable and your power base is very fluid (meaning they are not hard-core supporters, they are the mixed, educated urban electorates who holds on to their believes and “will vote with their feet”). Thus, if you fail to fulfil their expectations, you’ll be voted out in the next election. Unlike the other political parties which have a solid 20% to 30% support from their die-hard supporters based on ethnic groups and religion. As long as PKR is viewed as a fragmented and not stable party, no political parties will take PKR seriously. Currently, PKR is tolerated due to personalities rather than political strength or principles.

What is worst, the so-called candidates in this never-ending drama, just don’t know how to shut the hell up. Plenty of rhetoric, show boating, and chest beating, but doing nothing to strengthen PKR. “Leadership”when will you all realise that you have to stand alone as a viable political party and have to lean on DAP for your survival. You still need your crutches and are far from ready to give it up. Your crutches will not be there when they don’t need, after all, there no permanent friends in politics. So, PLEASE grow up PKR “leadership”!!!

Guys, the people changed the government after 61 uninterrupted years of rule, what makes you think they won’t vote you out in PRU15?

As for me, from being a die hard supporter of the “leadership”, I’ve lost total respect for them. Total rubbish. I really feel for the Party, but “leadership” is leading it to road of destruction. Good luck PKR.

I will most likely pay what I’ve said, but I have no regrets, cos that is I feel now.

By Ibrahim Yaakob