Until Tun Dr Mahathir came back into politics to lead the opposition against Umno, Anwar Ibrahim, by default, had been the leader of the opposition against a corrupt and kleptocratic Umno led Barisan Nasional government. Today, 2nd January 2019, that is no longer a given. From Yeo Bee Yin to Azmin Ali…and even an ambitious Wan Azizah, Anwar Ibrahim is no longer the undisputed defacto or otherwise, leader of the opposition should Tun Dr Mahathir leaves office. And with each passing day after the May 2018 electoral victory of Pakatan Harapan over the Umno led Barisan Nasional, the possibility of Anwar Ibrahim becoming the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia becomes more a question of “Why should he be Prime Minister” …”Does he deserve to be Prime Minister”….”I do not want Anwar Ibrahim to be my Prime Minister” etc etc.

Are there many others who want Anwar to be Prime Minister?

For sure they are! Many many thousands Malaysian wants Anwar Ibrahim to be their Prime Minister. Hell, even the present Prime Minister tells us that he would want Anwar Ibrahim to be his replacement when he leaves office. So why is there a palpable sense of desperation that comes from Anwar’s camp for Anwar to be King now rather than later? And more worrying for them and for Anwar, why have there been a seismic shift among Malaysians who voted Pakatan Harapan into government, for a rethinking as to who should succeed Tun Mahathir as Prime Minister?

There is no easy answers to these questions…but I know that the images of the past have much to do with my thinking if Anwar should be Tun Mahathir’s replacement. And the above images are but just some of the images that has stayed in side my head and made me question just what the hell PKR and Anwar Ibrahim think they are doing to Anwar’s chances of being the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia!