Syaiful Hazimi A short story 😉 I have been crossing 2nd Link for the past 7 years & more. I have worked for this boss, a Chinese taukeh for the past 6 years. This is my 2nd company & looks like I’ll be here staying here happily for some time until I’m to old to ride a bike maybe 😉 Anyway, every CN new year he has an open house & he caters halal food for all his employees, about 80 plus of us (it’s not that huge an empire he has actually). On one of these occasions, he told us a story. He said :- If U keep fishes and put all the small fishes in a pond separately from the bigger ones and feed them daily, the fish will become used to it & take things for granted. There is no “fighting” spirit. BUT if you put all the little fishes AND the bigger fishes in the same pond, the little ones will fight to survive and eat because they don’t want to be eaten by the bigger fish. Of cos, this is a SIMPLIFICATION cos of space. Sadly SOME of us Malays won’t get the point he’s getting.