I do not hate the outgoing King. I do not dislike him. Have never met him and don’t intend to. Only one thing concerns me. When you are a public figure dependent for your stipend on public money, then you need to understand your responsibilities and duties. Do that and you will be accorded the respect you deserve. When you do not…then tiada maaf bagi mu….King or no King.

Are there people who like the King no matter what he does and how he behaves…for sure there will be many thousand who does. There were many many thousands that supported Hitler, Idi Amin and, yes….even Najib Razak and Rosmah. What these public figures must understand is that there comes a time when fear and loathing for them surpass any love or reverence that any body can have for them. When that balance is tipped, their slide towards ruination inevitably begins….until eventually they understand the need for them to step aside, resign or be brought to heel and then meted out any punishment they deserve – be that death by a kangaroo court, incarceration or, thankfully for some, exiled or banishment with or without your ill-gotten gains…..not to forget incarceration.

It is hard, even for us, to see ourselves as others sees us but one way or the other, public opinion has a way of imposing itself upon those who have raised the ire of those who were responsible in putting them where they are in the first place. Politicians normally have to face their masters (aka the Rakyat) periodically…a King in Malaysia has to face his brother Sultans.

But then …there is always KARMA.

In 2010 this King of ours that had just resigned, seized power from his Father who was then the Sultan of Kelantan. I am still vague and uncertain of the reasons why he did so…suffice to say that any son who tries that on his father, for whatever reason, can be said to be “menderhaka”…it is just not the done thing in Malay culture…or in any culture….watch what happened then…and we wait for the final chapter of this caper to be played out in the not too distant future. Enjoy!