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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Brader Anwar Reacts Positively To My Post. Bagus.

Anwar created “Port Dickson Master Plan” to address concerns of PD 
his gotong-royong to clean up beaches allowed him to understand firsthand
issues include cleanliness of beaches, sewage, traffic, abandoned projects
I have also noted opinions, suggestions on social media, comments, poll(s)
I have led efforts to create, implement ‘Port Dickson Masterplan’
Anwar said meeting attended by MB on Friday (Jan 4)
present were potential investors
master plan all-inclusive, holistic, environmentally-friendly, sustainable 
my sincere hope PD Masterplan will kick-start addressing concerns of PD 
I welcome further feedback from my constituents,” he added.
My comments :  I never thought I would say this but well done Brader Anwar.  
Just a few days ago on 30th Dec. 2018  I posted this :
Well the Brader has come up with a PD Master Plan in a record FIVE days after my blog post.  Coincidence or not, let me claim a little bit of credit. And my congratulations.
Since you said :  ‘I welcome further feedback from my constituents’  here is some feedback for the Brader – although  I am not your constituent.
First of all please drop the bombastic language.  Words like  :   master plan all-inclusive, holistic, environmentally-friendly, sustainable   do not mean anything. 
You also do not really know what you mean when you use these words.  So just talk plainly and simply.  Like Dr Mahathir.  Just drop the old bad habits. They have not helped you at all.  You are here today (again) because of Dr Mahathir and Dr Mahathir only.
Accept and learn to work with what you have or rather what the country has. 
Lets work with our assets. 
Do not go chasing after invisible, non existent, fake, stupid, moronic things like religion this, religion that, this falsafah, that falsafah, madani, rumahku syurgaku, ibuku syurga ku, ibu hang syurga ku,  insan kamil, zaleha molek and all that crap.  Just drop it.  
Your life has become wasted because you went chasing after all those fake, false and imaginary things (someone has invented a new word : craptology) that just do not exist.  That is why your life has been wasted so far.
You do not need ikhwan muslimin, muslim brotherhood, no need syariah, no need tudung, islam this, islam that etc. Those are all mistakes which have resulted in only one thing and one thing only for you – so far your life has been wasted.  
Work with what we already have. Work with the assets that are around us in Malaysia. The country has unbelievable assets. The sun, the rain, the fantastic weather, 365 day sunshine, plantations, land, beaches, hills, mountains, industries, factories, fantastic centuries old towns, cities that are waiting to be polished and made super shiny, oil, gas, timber, fisheries and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL 32 MILLION PEOPLE. 
These are our assets. 
Just work with our assets. 
Work with what we have.
(This sounds obvious but not to many people, especially you. We had a perfect Malay culture, dance, music, art etc but you brought in the satanic Arabisation. Bawa masuk syaitan hidup-hidup macam beli ayam kampong hidup-hidup di pasar tani. We had a perfectly normal and super efficient banking system but you brought in the fake, cheating, stupid and satanic ‘islamic banking’.  It is satanic.  The only way these satanic ideas can survive is because banking (for example) is strictly controlled. It is an oligopoly. Actually a monopoly since all islamic banks are owned or controlled by just one shareholder – the government.)
Lets not digress too much. Again look at Tun Dr Mahathir. The world knows him for his achievements. And he achieved everything here – in this little spot of sunshine  called Malaysia. 
Dr Mahathir did not achieve his greatness by trying to warm up the North Pole for the Eskimos. Or  supplying halal chicken to the Amazonian tribes.  Dr Mahathir focussed on real physical human development here in Malaysia.
Ok back to the PD Masterplan – you do not need a master plan to keep the place clean.  PD has enough sanitation workers (road sweepers lah).  Just tell them to work.  No need for new ‘outsourcing’, new budgetary peruntukan. 
(Bhai, kesa tha as-tre-liya ?)
Master Plans are quite useless without implementation and completion. 
Manage by objectives.
There must be simple, clear and achievable milestones that can be measured and monitored. If you dont have these, then the Master Plan goes into the dustbin.
Plan for bottle necks and plan for failure.  
There are no electronic factories in PD. Or  space rocket launching sites. 
PD is simply hotels, property, condominiums, township development, tourism, beach, a hugely potential suburb for KLIA. 
This means the Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson will be the king of the hill.
They can make or break your Master Plan.
Have your next meeting at the Majlis Perbandaran PD. 
Check their resources, personnel, skill level.
Check their Corruption Index with the MACC.
Anywhere in Malaysia the Planning and Building Development departments are the usual culprits – incompetent, slow, corrupted, lethargic, sleepy, peduli apa saya etc.  
So pay close attention to these folks. They can kill your Master Plan.
These are the bottle necks. Anticipate, plan and prepare for bottle necks.
Plan for failure. Plan for the  ‘What if ?’ scenarios. 
What if the contractor goes bust?
The solution (partial only) are water tight contracts.
Make sure there are strict penalty clauses, default clauses, warranties, guaranties, performance guarantees, liquidated damages etc. – ALL TIED TO PERFORMANCE They must also be at market or follow market practise.  It is not impossible to be strict and market friendly at the same time. 
If you are not strict then obviously it means your CRONIES are in the play.
The State should be Facilitator. 
Let the private sector bring their own money.
The State can sell / lease land or contribute land as equity.
No need for cash outlay by the State.
Only infratsructure needs public funds. 
Please build that ‘500 meter Wharf’ project I mentioned earlier. 
It can change PD.