6.30 am. Melbourne. Thursday. A cold morning in summer…but that is Melbourne for you. The weather sucks but everything else…the people, the living, the city, is good. In a week where I have had a gutful of misbehaving royals and politicians clueless as to how these royals should be put in their place….I woke up to this : 


The first thing I did was to go to Adi’s Facebook page and I found this….

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who spent some time to read my post yesterday, and for sharing and helping in any possible way to lend a helping hand. I sincerely hope that things will work well for them (Mr Sukumaran and his family). Again I didn’t expect many people would respond with such kindness. Apologise as well for not being able to reply all your messages via messenger as there are hundreds of messages in my inbox at the moment. Spread the love and humanity regardless of race. Insha Allah and Ameen. Take care.

Common sense tells me this is kosher….and so some balance came back into my life. There are good people around….there are Malaysians out there that need our assist and Malaysians, when asked and given the opportunity to help…will help. I will give what I can afford towards these two hamba Allah deserving of our help. I sincerely hope, so will you.