Mr Sultan & Tun. Who asked for the meeting?

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I got a query from Chris re my recent posting on Friday, January 11th, 2019

Anwar, Mahathir and Mr Sultan down South.

CHRIS : Oops I just read your FB posts and many people I know resonate with you on the contemptible arse licker 🙈

ME :     Chris let us be clear on one thing…there are two contemptible arse lickers here….if you are not sure who they are……let me know!

CHRIS : The poofer and ?

ME :     …and Mr Sultan down South. He may be very rich man now…but any rich man with his lifestyle (300 cars, two planes, a son who spend RM1 million on other people at the supermarket etc etc) will soon go broke if the money being spent is not replenish. With the JV with the Chinese on those thousands of Condo units going sour…he will very soon have a cash flow problem….Mahathir has got him by the balls…an when you have a man by his balls, his heart and mind will follow with just a gentle squeeze….


End of story.

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