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There are a few words you can use in the English language to describe people like him. Spineless…without a backbone. Cowards. Without scruples. Accomodating. Practical. Pragmatic. Sleeping with the enemy…. etc etc. But as expressive and comprehensive as the English Language is in it’s ability to describe any one who has done what Mr Sultan down South has done in these last few days when Tun Mahathir went down South to meet “Kerajaan Beta” and to be with ‘Bangsa Johor”, I must confess that only the Malay language can best describe what this Mr Sultan down South did when he met Tun. Only one word in the Malay language is needed to tell us what kind of human this Mr Sultan and his Bangsat son really are…and that word?


The meaning of dayus is cuckold , unmanly , despicable coward.
Not just a coward but a despicable coward and certainly unmanly in the manner he conducted himself when meeting that 92 year old man whom he had previously rebuked publicly when he told Mahathir “The best business is to mind your own business”.
Now here is the thing about this 92 year old  Tun Mahathir. He understands honour, he understands dignity and he understands how to put Mr Sultan in his rightful place : that of being a Sultan who is beholden to the government of the day which happens to be the Pakatan Harapan government which Tun leads.
Tun understands that the image of Mr Sultan greeting him when he arrives at the Istana will be seen by millions of Malaysians  and by many millions of others, outside Malaysia. Tun did not disappoint us with his respond to Mr Sultan. Tun stood upright and extended his hands in greetings…which he should. He did not make fun of the Sultan who had insisted that people addressed him as “Your Majesty” …which he should. He did not say anything about the Sultan being a “dayus” for being brave enough to talk ill about Tun Mahathir behind his back but was quiet when he had the opportunity to say the same thing to Mahathir’s face when they met….though Mahathir should. And Tun Mahathir smiled and acted graciously to give face to this Mr Sultan even though he should have flex his political muscles and insisted that Mr Sultan come down to Putrajaya to see him rather than for Tun Mahathir to come down to Johor….which Tun should have done in the first place but Tun did not.    
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What else does Tun Mahathir told us of his meeting with Mr Sultan? ”Saya Dan Baginda Setuju Berterus-Terang” You can make what you want of what Tun said about the meeting. As far as I am concern that 92 year old man conducted himself admirably with grace and honour when he met that dayus of a Mr Sultan whose cakap memang bukan serupa bikin. Enough said.