Who will be the next King? There is a new Sultan of Pahang? The Prime Minister megadap Sultan Johor etc etc …so what? I don’t care. I don’t really care who does become the next King! I don’t care that there is a new Sultan of Pahang nor do I need to know that Tun Dr Mahathir megadap Mr Sultan down South! If you do care…go ahead and care if that is what you want to do.

Those Reformasi days are long over and done with. Reformation of our nation has started in earnest after May 2018 when Pakatan Harapan took over government from that Kleptocratic Umno led BN regime. Now it is time for a Referendum!

We need a Referendum to allow the Rakyat to decide if they want to continue to be burden with the costs of keeping those royals parasites in their life of decadence and waste.  A life that they have grown accustom too at our expense. A life they now think is their due without thinking of their duties and responsibilities or understanding what they need to do to deserve that due.

But we Malaysian have a problem….a big and real problem that will not go away. There are many Malaysians, for various reasons, who still want the Royals.

Last night I watched a link sent to me by one of you about Azizah, the DPM, visiting the new Sultan of Pahang. Why? Has not our DPM more pressing matters to attend to than to “megadap” the new Sultan?

Then I see what some of you are commenting on the happenings involving the royals of Malaysia :

 Ammirul Azahar Pls use the word abdicated or steps down. He is monarch, our Supreme Leader of The Country
Hon Chor Lai As a mark of Respect please don’t comments.
Mizie Zul Those days tabloids and small blogs like this don’t even dare to write up about monarch affair. Unlike today where the citizen even dare to mock and criticize the royals openly

And….. we have people being charged for insulting royalty!

Why is calling them parasites, irresponsible and a total waste of public funds to keep them in clover, considered by the powers that be in Malaysia, to be insulting Royalty? Are they not all of those things and more? They are heads of Islam in their States and yet they fornicate and continue to do those things that indicates that they do not care a damm about the tenets of Islam what more act like one? This King who has just been thrown out of office by his brother Sultans has made not only himself, but our country and our people, the laughing-stock of people everywhere. And the latest round of sandiwara this Mr Sultan down South is involve in with Tun Mahathir, is just another act in the continuing saga of a Sultan who has lost the respect of not only Bangsa Johor but also others in Malaysia. He is scrambling to mend fences with Tun Mahathir and the Pakatan Harapan government that Tun leads because Mr Sultan has a big financial problem. He has put all his eggs into the Forest City basket. You and I know that Condos there are not selling well…well to be more exact…they are not selling, Full stop! So what can Mr Sultan do but turun padang and talk to the man in charge…the man who can make or break Forest City……Tun Mahathir. 

So really guys what is there to make any of you think that having the Royals on our payroll is going to do our country and ourselves any good? 

The question now is find out if more Malaysian want the Royals to go  or are there more Malaysians who want them to stay? Only a referendum can tell us that…..so Tun bila lagi? 

P.S. Just my viewpoint but don’t quote me by name. Referendum should not involve the non Malays. Would be unfair to them. Do you think there might be a majority even amongst the Malays?…that just came in from one of our “friends” and am sharing it with you guys. Great idea!