Why is Wan Azizah still Deputy Prime Minister? Is Anwar Ibrahim out of Sungai Buloh? Yes. Has Anwar Ibrahim been granted a pardon to enable him to do what ever it is that he wants to do politically? Yes. Has Anwar Ibrahim got a seat in parliament? Yes. Are there people, Anwar included, more capable than Azizah to be our DPM? Yes.

So why is Azizah still DPM? The silence from the PH coalition as to why Azizah is still DPM is deafening.   

Surely Tun Mahathir should ask her as to when she will go? After all the Segambut Mob and many in PKR are asking loudly when Tun Mahathir will go. Or…it is really Azizah that is refusing to go?  

And another thing we have had to suffer….PKR have not stopped reminding us all that they are the party with the largest number of seats within the PH coalition.

Therein lies the crux of why the Mob at Istana Segambut (of which Azizah is the head honcho/wears the trousers/is a Rosmah wannabe) and the party they call their own, PKR, have become what it is today. Irrelevant. Clueless. Irresponsible. Overbearing. Arrogant. The object of derision as we see what happened during their recent party elections and the object of fear and loathing of Malaysians. When I say they have become an object of “fear”….this is the “fear” that we have of what will happen to our nation should this “biggest” partner in the Pakatan Harapan coalition brings the chaos, mayhem and factionalism that has wrecked PKR apart to Putrajaya and into the Pakatan Harapan government. As for “loathing”….that was the feelings we once had for Umno. No need to ask if Anwar Ibrahim, Azizah and PKR is now the object of that loathing….it is already a fait acccompli. 

PKR is heading for a fall of catastrophic proportions when the next GE comes and if the largest member of the coalition is heading for a fall, it goes without saying, so would this Pakatan Harapan government. But the next GE is still years away so “what’s me worry” seems to be the preferred option taken by this PH government. Meanwhile day by day, the inability of the PH government to address the festering problem of having a PKR that is not only tearing itself apart, but in the process, is also rapidly losing relevance in a very fluid political conundrum after the collapse of the Umno led BN in the last election, makes one asks if Pakatan Harapan is, in the parlance of the pop music world, a “one hit wonder?”

For now, the authority exudes by Tun Mahathir, rules over Pakatan Harapan…but for how long? Are we to have Umno back in Putrajaya dalam “masa terdekat?”