In any argument, in any debate, in any conflict, in any situation where opposing forces are engaged in trying to overcome the other in whatever way for whatever reason…… there will come a time when one will know that the tide has turned in one’s favour against the other. That the tipping point that tells you that the other party has lost, becomes apparent.  Your opponent and those who are keeping watch over all that is happening will also know. That is the time when you know that victory may be at hand. If you are able to seize the moment and consolidate your gain, then victory will be yours.

If we are honest with ourselves, we are now beginning to see that the great promise made by Pakatan Harapan to us, that things will change under a Pakatan Harapan government, is a lie. As surely as the truth that within Umno, kleptocracy, greed and arrogance beats in rhythm with Umno’s heart, kleptocracy, greed and arrogance also beats with the same rhythm in Pakatan Harapan’s heart. The difference between Umno and Pakatan Harapan is with what conviction and passion each of them will follow what their hearts tells them to do. 

It has now dawn upon us all that, with the exception of a very few, there is not much that is different within this PH government from the one that we have dismissed in May 2018.The only saving grace that exists to give us hope that all is not lost of the new Malaysia that we aspired to, is simply this. This time around, those few individuals who understand the predicament that PH is now labouring under…i.e that the tide is turning in Umno’s favour, that Pakatan Harapan is staring at defeat at the next GE, that the return of Umno will soon be become a “when” not an “if”…that saving grace is simply this : These few individuals can, if they want to, stem the tide and stop the rot within Pakatan Harapan. Of course they can only do so with our help. They can only do so when they are able to have our ears, our heart and, of course, our votes. They can only have all that again after GE14 if the political will within Pakatan Harapan for real change, becomes a fact not a mirage.

Pakatan Harapan  can start by taking race, religion, that sense of entitlement and the culture of impunity that exists among many public officials, any politicians of any importance at all, and in any Malaysians that sees themselves as being a Napoleon, however small….all this, Pakatan Harapan must take out of politics. 

And where is this more in evidence than in the person who will succeed Tun Dr Mahathir as PM? We have asked ourselves, our friends and even strangers who will listen….we have all asked with trepidation bordering on fear and loathing…what is to come after Tun Mahathir. What is to come if Anwar Ibrahim is King of all that he surveys?

Ever since he was sacked as DPM by Tun Dr Mahathir over two decades ago, the reasons for his sacking has not been a matter of conjecture anymore. Not if you see what has happened to Anwar Ibrahim from that time onwards. There has been Sodomy Two and a conviction. A pardon from the King has failed to convince us all that Anwar, like he claimed the first time, has been wronged by the powers that be and the judiciary who was complicit with the powers that be, to do him political and personal harm. He was already convicted of corruption decades ago and incarcerated for same…..and yet he never learns. Do we all not ask ourselves today what is to come for Malaysians and Malaysia if Anwar Ibrahim is to have political power again? The same Political power that previous PM’s of Malaysia had used and abused for personal financial gain? What will happen? We only have to see the company that Anwwar and Azizah now keeps to tells us what they will do should the time come for them to have that political power. 

The fact of the matter is simply this. There really is no choice between Anwar and Umno….between the devil and the deep blue sea….it is not a choice between good or evil…they are one and the same thing.

It is now 5.28am on a Thursday morning and I have been at my keyboard writing this because the reality of what is happening in K Hell since May 2018 is begging to dawn upon me. And that reality is simply this.

What we have been saying about ABU…Anything But Umno….is not enough to give us the Malaysia we want. Not enough to give our children the future they need. ABU will never be enough to even give us hope that change will come. We need more than anything but Umno!

First we need leaders who will lead not leaders who have greed. We need leaders who have credibility, honesty and integrity …all this built over the years in layers upon layers of what they do in their public and private life….so much so that there is no need for a pardon, no need for any more questions to be asked by us of their credentials to lead. And most  crucial of all, we need an individual who can and will lead us, without us doubting whether he or she is deserving of that responsibility.

Anwar is not that person.

So Pakatan Harapan, Tun or anyone else in PH that matters…wake up and change. Change direction if you have to and when you can still do so. Do what you have to do to ensure that Pakatan Harapan will politically be relevant come GE15. And most important of all, understand that it is not what was promised to Anwar that gave PH government in May 2018, What gave Pakatan Harapan government in 2018 is us, the voters. Ignore, forget or dismiss that reality at your own peril. 

Tun, you have done great things in your life. Tun, you have climbed almost all the pinnacles, public or personal, that any human being might want to climb, but Tun there is one thing you still have to do that you have never done before in your life. Tun you have not been able to choose the right person to succeed you. This time around Tun you have to do it right because you are doing it not for your legacy, not to make right all that you have done wrong in the past, and certainly Tun, not because of any promises that you have made to win the election for us. This time around Tun, it is about none of those things. This time Tun, it is about doing the right thing. Doing the right thing without worrying about politics, race, religion or promises that you have made for whatever reasons you might have for making that promise. This time Tun you must do the right thing in choosing who will succeed you because times like this only comes rarely in anybody’s life time. 

I want my country back Tun. I want to tell you Tun that whatever promises you have made to us, you must have the capacity to deliver. We no longer take for granted that people we elected to Parliament will do good for us. What matters to us is not our race, our religion. Malaysia is what matters to me. There are also other things we want politicians to understand. This time around we will decide who will do government not the politicians. This time around we will decide who will be Prime Minister – not the politicians. We want to keep the Malaysia we brought into being post GE14. We want to work in making better the Malaysia we think we have after GE14. And we want to make that Malaysia a better nation to live in. We want to leave it a better nation for our children to grow up in. We will not allow any politicians to tell us to do anything that we do not want to do. We will not allow any politicians to do anything we do not want them to do – whether that is being corrupt, arrogant or irresponsible. We, not the politicians, come first. The family, the aged, those most in need of help in their lives….these are the people who should matter to us. Education of our young and the not so young are important to us. We will decide who will come and be allowed to live in our country and among us….not the politicians. And we will decide who we shall vote for in GE15.

So please Tun take heed of all this now before time runs out for you, for Pakatan Harapan and for us all. One question left for you to answer now, rather than later. If not Anwar..then who will succeed you?