For those of you who think that Umno is untouchable..think again! There was a time when I spoke of Umno, Islam and the Malays almost in the same breath. There was even a time when the very thought of Malays being in another political entity was almost blasphemous! What kind of a Malay would want to join DAP? Those who do must either be a Socialists or a Communists….or both! Those in PAS must either be from Kelantan or Trengganu or at best misguided religious zealots who have lost their way after graduating from the pondoks that teaches extremism and breed Muslims who have no place in the post Merdeka era that celebrate unity in diversity. Umno was was in my heart, in my soul and I was so sure that Umno will provide for my needs, my wants and my future.

And what of Umno today?

It’s president of 22 years, Tun Dr Mahathir, will in all probability, be the man responsible for Umno’s political demise. Two mantan Umno Deputy President are now aligned with Tun Dr Mahathir also committed to the same matalamats : the political demise of Umno. Long before these three even had that glimmer in their eye to do away with Umno, I and many other Malays have already done away with Umno. Long before these three had even thought about change and a new beginning for all Malaysians, we had already seen the need for it if our nation was to achieve the future we had aspired for. And long before these three had even thought about what arrogance and dedak was doing to the fabric of our society, we had already said enough! Late, as these three may be, in coming to the realisation that it is Umno that is the problem and not the solution to the problems that we now have in all things Malaysians…it is better late then never!

So for those of you who think Umno is invincible and untouchable…think again! For me all that is left for those who are still in Umno is to rearrange the deck chairs before the inevitable sinking of the S.S Umno Baru. Yes you must not forget the “Baru” after Umno…for it is the “Baru” that is in Umno today that has made Umno into what it is today. A bloated, obese, dedak fueled political wreck that awaits coming political death with the certainty that the Sun will rise again tomorrow no matter what! It is the “Baru” in Umno that has made it into the “barau” that it is today….a bullying, lying, scheming ingrate totally drowning in its own filth.

And yet Umno still think it has the Malay hinterland within it’s reserves….bought and paid for by years of keeping the Malays there in servitude, ignorance and a deliberate policy of making these rural Malays dependent on handouts and religious indoctrination that advances Umno political interests, not theirs!

Think again Umno!

How many of these rural Malays now have children who are educated and able to work out for themselves what Umno has done to the rural hinterlands? To Felda? How many of them are able to understand what has been done to keep the rural Malays “rural?” How many of these children care enough about the Malays and their country to explain this to their parents and others in the rural areas why they must no longer vote for Umno? Why there must be change if the Malays are to get out of the “rural” trap that Umno has locked them in for well over six decades and counting.

There is no need to talk about whether the Malays are now able to work out for themselves what Umno has “achieved” since Merdeka!

Umno has “achieved” that most shameful of all accolades “the most corrupt prime minister, the most corrupt government…and Malaysia is now one of the most corrupt country” in the world.

Umno has “achieved” that most shameful of all achievements : To have in 1MDB the largest financial fraud ever perpetrated upon the people of a country by its own government with the collusion of a prime minister whose complicity in the whole scam is simply breathtaking! Fraud in the billions!

Umno has “achieved” what so many other despots and dictators have not been able to achieved….over 60 years of legalised looting and pillaging of a country.

And it is these achievements that will finally bury Umno into deserved oblivion. So for those of you who think that Umno is untouchable…that Umno is invincible….think again!

I rest my case.