Every few months I write to appeal to you guys to donate your hard-earned money to this blogger whom you have not met, this blogger who lives many thousand of kilometers away, this blogger who is virtually a stranger to you. This is not an easy thing for me to do but if I am to continue blogging I know that I must seek your help to keep steadyaku47 going for I cannot live on bread alone. 

Let me tell you why I blog. Communication in society has changed. Through this blog I can use this digital platform to talk to you. I can say Selamat Pagi to anyone who stops by to read what I write on steadyaku47 on any given morning. We greet each other and if what I write moves you, you make your comments.  This morning at precisely 10 am, I had 60 of you reading what I write. Now at 4.45pm over 7000 of you have visited this website. And we can talk on just about anything under the sun. We were together before, during and after GE14. We were together before, during and after the abdication of the Agong…in fact 300,000 of you visited steadyaku47 on the day of that abdication – an abdication I wrote about a week before it happened.

If you will read what I write, I want to keep blogging.  We can talk about royalty, we can talk about politics, about life, about race and, if you insists, even about religion……but more interestingly, we can work together in many ways via this digital platform to try and bring about progressive change in Malaysia…. a work we should continue to do as Tun gets older, Anwar gets more ambitious and Umno is allowed to consolidate and recuperate from the defeat we have inflicted upon them. 

Our country is in flux. The Agong, Anwar Ibrahim, Azizah, the AG, the Education Minister, Yeo Bee Yin are but just a few of the individuals we all want to read about this morning, tomorrow, next week, next month…and who knows what else will come up. The only constant in our life is change.To make progressive change happen requires much work. It requires layers upon layers of commitment and work from all of us to raise our expectations of our leaders and our expectation of each other to the level that we had aspired too when we put Pakatan Harapan into government last May. Without time, effort and commitment, progressive change will not happen. 

I want to use this blog as a way to spread relevant information needed to help make that progressive change possible to Malaysians. Information they will need to know and  understand to enable them to help us make that change happen. It is alright for us to debate and disagree on matters and issues. It is okay for us to have different views….but we need to have that line of communication that allows us to listen to each other and understand our differences and for us to identify what will unite us despite these differences. 

In all this I would like to think that steadyaku47 is a participant. 

As I said earlier, I cannot live on bread alone. I need money to keep steadyaku47 going and relevant to your needs and mine. You want good copy, you want to be kept abrest of current affairs happenings in Malaysia and, at least  for this week, you want to know who the hell is going to be the next Agong. You will know who will be the next Agong as soon as I know! Your support of this blog will help me to do just that! 

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