If you are not a Malay cut the crap about knowing who the Malays really are. If you are not a Malay do not debate with me about the differences between the rural and urban Malays. Do not try to lecture me about the importance of religion to any Malay. Do not talk about the Malay dilemma. Do even attempt to explain to me how you think the Malay are dependent on the Sultans to protect their racial and religious status in Malaysia. If you persists in doing so you will get some of your “facts” right, some wrong. You may derive some satisfaction from giving voice to what has long laid dormant within you : That the Malays are unable to help themselves without Umno. That the Malays will forever be a “small people” because all that matters to them is race and religion. That the inherent feudalism within their mindset dooms them to servitude and all the ills that comes with servitude.

We Malays know who we are. We know our failings, we know our strength. We know what we can and what we cannot do in Malaysia, to Malaysia and for Malaysia. We do not need any one to tell us these things. You may detect a sense of anger in how I write this. If you can detect anger then I can tell you that it is righteous anger. It is anger that has been quiet even when others are loud in their telling about the failings of the Malays. And especially loud in their condemnations of their own, are the Malay political leaders.

All my life I have been a Malay. Whether that is a blessing or a curse may still debatable to many of you, but  I have never wanted to be anyone else but a Malay. Of all the things that I am grateful for in being a Malay, without any doubt, being a gracious human being is the most that I am grateful for. I am gracious because being a Malay has taught me to respect others, to revere my elders and the aged and most precious of all… to love family. Of course all this is instilled in me by my parents, but I have no doubt that we being Malays, have a lot to do with who I are now. And in my respects for my elders and the aged and in my love for family…I have never wavered. And for all the other failings that I, as a Malay might have, just these values of reverence, respect and love, makes me proud that I am a Malay.