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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8TJQyWJgM0]


As I listen to these songs by Cilla, my thoughts go back to the London of the 60’s…to the time when I was 21. The world, for me then, was a much simpler place. During the day I was at Ealing Tech. By late afternoon I made my way to Selfridges to wait for my then girlfriend now wife, to finish work. No awareness of politics anywhere…in K Hell, London or the US of A. Did not care nor did it worry me that there was a Cold War going on between the Russians and the Free World. China was communist. Africa was a place far far away from where I was at…and what mattered to me then was the Beatles latest release… “Hey Jude”. So long ago and yet these memories tugs at my heart strings and brings back images so clear and indelible of a time long gone but never forgotten. Life was good then….and thank God, good now too. Selamat Pagi Malaysia.