Dear HH
This was sent by my young Malay student, 15 years old. It means the young are laughing
Just a lunchtime racist joke. 🤣
Chinese smoke cigarette: Stress.
Indian smoke cigarette : Rowdy.
Malay smoke cigarette : Drug Addict..
Chinese drink alcohol : Celebration.
Indian drink alcohol : Drunkard.
Malay drink alcohol : Modern.
Chinese at prison : Bailing someone.
Indian at prison : Murder suspect.
Malay at prison : Ganja offence.
Chinese with parang : Loan shark.
Indian with parang : Robber.
Malay with parang : Mengamuk.
Chinese at 5 star hotel : Guest.
Indian at 5 star hotel : Staff.
Malay at 5 star hotel : Khalwat…..
with thanks to Carismen Dolce