I have often wondered how and why Mr Kepit surrounded himself with Ministers and individuals who had no place to be in government, no reason to hold high public office or even be within shouting distance of a prime minister or his Fat Lady of Malaysia aka FLOM. There was a used car salesman with dubious academic qualifications. A counterfeit Tunku whose main claim to fame must surely be his ability to make use of his Wilayah Portfolio to fuel his greed and that of others who saw in this counterfeit Tunku their own financial salvation. Then there was Mat Maslan, Azalina Othman, Nazri, Shahidan, Sharizat, Arul Kanda, Isa Samad, Irwan Serigar etc etc…and the list of high public officials  who were really clueless about good governance but were granted the means of making financial fortunes for themselves and others seems never ending. The BN government under Mr Kepit had a revolving door to its inner sanctums in Putrajaya that allowed these characters to dip their grubby hands into our national coffers emptying it at an alarming rate. 

That description of them being “POST TURTLE” succinctly describes these idiots for what they really are. They did not get there by themselves. They do not belong where they are. They do not know what to do where they have found themselves to be. They have been elevated beyond their ability to function….and do you wonder what kind of dumb idiot would put them there in the first place!

 This Dumb Idiot Did   

These are some of the POST TURTLES that Mr Kepit surrounded himself with. The question that needs to be asked is this : Is this Pakatan Harapan government heading the same way?