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In the coming weeks and months…right up to GE15 and beyond…. we will be hearing these rumblings about the Malays, from the Malays and by the Malays. It is all part of a grand conspiracy by Malay leaders to ensure their political relevancy and their political survival. Whether they know what they are doing, whether there is grand design by the powers that be and by those in opposition to put the message that the “Malays are facing their own Armageddon”, or whether they are just parroting what is in their DNA, is open to conjecture and speculation. The reality is that what six decades of Umno rule has done to the Malays, cannot be undone within the first term of any government…what more a Pakatan Harapan government where every Malay leader of any significance within that government had learned what they know of politics, good and bad, from Umno or PAS.

Think about that!

And not only Malay politicians, but any Malay worth his salt, any educated Malay, any Malay who is wealthy, any Malay who is poor, any Malay in government or business, in one way or another, some more than others, some less, all would have to acknowledge their gratitude or disgust at Umno for whom or what they have become. So tell me…you expect the Malays to forget Umno? You expect the Malays to think of a future without Umno? Even as Malaysians distant themselves from the politics of race and religion, UMNO, PAS and PKR keep reminding themselves that without the Malay votes, they will perish. For those of you who think that Malay leaders within Pakatan Harapan must surely not be part of this conspiracy…I can only say that time will out these undesirables within PH. What will it take to change the culture? For sure Education can….but for now…how about prison?

That is why it is imperative for this Pakatan Harapan government to begin putting those Umno politicians and any other politicians who have profited from their time in politics, in jail. The wheel of justice turns much too slowly for our liking….but once started, where will it stop? Surely there are politicians and other Malays whose wealth and those of their families, cronies and machais, that needs to be questioned….. so once the inquisition really begins, where will it stop? Will it go all the way to Seri Perdana?  

So is it any wonder that while the rakyat wants politicians and public servants to be held accountable for their kleptocratic ways, there are many in PH who will be wary that what is being asked for by the rakyat, will have consequences that may haunt the very people who are now in and out of government and public services! Damm if you do. Damm if you don’t. Enough said.