From Saturday evening, my dear wife had not had much sustenance. She seems tired and have been in bed all the time. Sleeping. Resting. We have tried, without much success, to have her take some food and a few cups of her thickened fruit juices, but without much success. She coughs, toss and turn in her sleep and I can see in her face her discomfort. It has been a restless two days for my son and me. I hope today will be a better day for her. In times like this I hope she can draw comfort from knowing that she is much-loved by me and my son. We are both taking care of her. My son is my rock. He does everything. At 72 I can only try. He does all that I cannot physically do. His mother and me are blessed by his presence. 

I went to sleep past 2 last night. The health of my wife worries me. We cope the best way we can. This morning I am up at 6 am. She is fine and seems rested and I will let her rest in bed as long as she needs to. Breakfast in bed to start with!

I spent time yesterday going through court documents concerning the divorce of Faisal and Emilia….damm his Datuk Wira…he will be Faisal to me from now on! Rubbish like him deserves nothing more. It disturbs me that someone, anyone, can beat the mother of his children. And do so in the presence of those children. It disturbs me more when people with children divorce. How do you responsd to a husband who tells his wife…

“100 Prostitutes worth more than you….I want 365 girls to fuck a year. What is wrong with it? Is better than fucking guys? Right??? Straight forward sex is boring for me….I want 3 girls in one go!!! I want to party, drink & do want ever I want without reporting to you!! Islam Overrated. Zina is cool.You’re just a hole”

There will be more of this Faisal in these coming days. And who is Faisal? 

Sm Faisal : Chief Executive Officer, Naza Motor Trading Sdn BHD 

  • Chief Executive Officer 
  • Chairman 
  • Chairman/CEO 

His company is a household name in Malaysia and his lifestyle then and now, reeks of entitlement and the culture of impunity overtly on display in everything that he does in his private life…and all this you will see for yourself as I share with you how Faisal conducted himself during his marriage to Emilia, during and after his divorce from Emilia and how, in all this, as always…it is the innocent children of that marriage, that suffers most from the trauma of their parents going their separate ways.

We will do this together in these coming days.

I do not know who Faisal is and I don’t care. Nor do I know who Emilia is…but all that has happened to them, between them, before, during and after the divorce are laid out in Court documents which are in the public domain. I have access to those documents. If this couple lived in Australia the Media would have had details of Faisal having sex on a Red Sofa with “the other women” in headlines on a Sunday morning, so that the public can have the weekend to read about the sexual habits of the rich and famous! They would be details of Faisal’s sexual preferences and the positions Faisal preferred. There will be discussions of his “member” and the tabloid would be highlighting his fondness to videotape his sexual adventures…. either for his personal enjoyment….or just maybe….to share with others. Who knows what these rich and famous do. Anyway….all this and more, I will do in the coming days.

I have a lot of court documents to read through this morning. Some pictures of what Faisal does with his wife and that other women, to be downloaded and later shared with you guys on this blog…and also, a life to be lived. So excuse me while I go on with what I have to do in my life….take care of my wife and start Monday morning as I always do…..make a short black for myself first…and then do everything else. Selamat Pagi Malaysia!


p.s….just as I was finishing off this post, my wife cough…indicating she wanted something. I went over to her bedside and from the looks she gave me, I knew she wanted something to eat! She must be hungry not eating much these last two days….I got her some of her thickened pear juice and now she looks contented. All is well with her!!! Life is good!

A few years back when Dementia had yet to visit her…