After all, we already have a few first and very soon, they will have to rename the Guinness Book of Records, the “Malaysian/Guinness Book of Records because the majority of entries in the Record book will be Malaysian.
1) Largest Kleptocracy in the world;
2) Oldest Prime Minister in the World;
3) Dumbest retards (sorry, usually retards are already dumb but those who attended the Bantah ICERD, top the list as the dumbest retards, as beside the lack of a brain, there exists a black hole in their heads);
4) Largest collection of designer handbags in the world;
5) Longest drip feed for a handicap race in the world; 
6) Dumbest defenders of Islam and Hereditary Rulers ever to grace this world masquerading as humanity.
7) And last but not least the dumbest Prime Minister to ever lose an election.