Uneasy lies the crown on the head of a designated prime minister. I do not begrudge Anwar what he thinks is his due… for only him and God will know what he has endured in these last two decades. What I and many Malaysian asks is simply this…will the real Anwar Ibrahim stand up! In these few short months after his release from Sungai Buloh and the granting of that “Royal Pardon” by a King who we now know is not that “Royal”…there have been too many lapse of judgement on Anwar’s part. Lapses that makes us question his suitability to be prime minister after Tun Mahathir. There is no need to go over or gloss over these “lapses of judgement”….suffice for me to say that today we no longer asks “when” will Anwar be prime minister. Today we ask “if” Anwar will be prime minister. 

Why Azizah is clinging onto the post of DPM when Anwar is able, and I am sure willing, to take over as DPM surely tells us that all is not well with the mob in Istana Segambut. Enough said.