A few days back, a friend asked if I have heard about Emilia’s tale? Three kids, numerous litigations by her ex husband against her etc etc. These last few days have been a blur for me. Only bits and pieces stays in my head as I try to make some sense of Emilia’s tale. These are the things I remember of my conversation with people back in K Hell about Emilia.

Divorce in 2016…he divorced her on court steps….he does not need to give a reason for the divorce….she is left with nothing now…domestic violence…law suits to shut her up…the harrasment…to give her hell…she is prepared for protracted law suit…..many many litigations against her by her ex….journalist and reporters senyap…you may be sued…custody matter now settled…court has given custody to Emilia….just going through these jottings of mine tires me out. I wonder how Emilia is coping.

I went first for the Court Documents…all those that were in the public domain. I am no lawyer but you will have a sense of what Emilia was going through then and what she must be going through now, as you peruse those documents. I will share with you guys what Court Documents I think is appropriate and relevant to the story I want to tell you guys about Emilia.

Let us start with the sms messages between Emilia and her ex husband Dato Wira SM Faisal bin SM Nasimuddin Kamal. Interesting to say the least…at best it is a story of a deteriorating marriage with all the usual suspects…a husband with too much money for his own good, other women, sex more sex….and a sordid tale of what a husband with money thinks he is entitled to do. Here it is…please click on the images to read.

Enough for now. From these sms you will have an idea of what is to come as we “talk, discuss and debate” the story of Emilia. To be continued in these coming days.