Case No 1.  I have said it before and I will say it again – the religious people are the biggest l_ars on the surface of the earth. Any religion, all religion. There is something about religion that just makes its adherents want to tell l_es. Because religion needs no science, it needs no evidence, it needs no logic. Imaginary pet unicorns all the way. 

Click on the link here to watch a video where Hadi tells some people that Sarawak Report has lost the case and that SR even asked that Hadi stop his legal suit against them. 

We all know now that it was Hadi who made the decision [at the insistence of his Mat Salleh lawyers] to cancel his suit against Sarawak Report. The talk is the audio tape submitted by Sarawak Report where Nik Abduh talks about PAS taking money from UMNO was confirmed as authentic.  That totally killed Hadi’s  case.

But so what?  It is so easy to fool the Malay people.  Just tell them that PAS has won and Sarawak Report has lost.  The people would not know Monday from Isnin, Tuesday from Khamis. Its as easy as that.

So here is a poster congratulating Hadi over his “kemenangan” over Sarawak Report. 

Hooray. Hadi sudah menang.  Boleh kutip duit lagi. Sila masukkan duit dalam Tin Milo. 

Case No 2  –  The Tongkat Ali and ubat tradisional scam. A few weeks back I had a most interesting discussion with someone.  A few years back, at the height of the Tongkat Ali hype, some OKU suggested that a local university conduct some ‘big name’ research on the wonderful properties of Tongkat Ali.  

This was supposed to ‘strengthen brand identity’ but it was actually a jingoistic ketuanan thing –  they wanted to prove that here is a homegrown Malay product that can take over the world. At taxpayers’ expense.

Big name research means for better credibility they wanted a world class, independent, third party, scientific organisation to confirm the properties of Tongkat Ali as an aphrodisiac (to compete with Viagra), plus any other benefits etc.  Each one of those words (world class, independent etc) costs money. 

They hired the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT from Massachusetts. Millions of Ringgit were spent.  The MIT techies were flown over here, five star all the way. They assembled all the data they needed and took it back with them. The local professor kangkungs who were involved also travelled to MIT on ‘lawatan sambil belajar’, ‘dengar taklimat’, to take selfies etc.  Talk is they saw the techies at MIT who were involved in the project driving around in new Lamborghinis. That is how much they were paid – with our money.

Anyway the net result of all that money spent (our money) was that Tongkat Ali has now been scientifically proven by no less than the MIT to have no great effect to increase blood flow or any extra-ordinary dilation of blood vessels. Maksudnya kopi saja keras lah. Benda lain tak keras pun.

So did they announce the results of this ‘world class’ research and collaboration? No they did not. Malu lah. Nampak kangkung sangat. Better let the people just continue believing in the fake hype  over Tongkat Ali.  Plus the BN could have lost the elections sooner.  Potong stim orang saja. 

Not just Tongkat Ali but a host of other ‘ubat tradisional’ are actually being sold on fake hype.  There is no scientific evidence to back up their claims. Tapi ‘orang kita rela ditipu orang kita’. 

There is a more highly dangerous side to the hype over ubat tradisional.  Some of the people behind these ubat tradisional are fully exploiting “sentiments” and using dangerous chemicals and other harmful ingredients in their products. Lead based chemicals in cosmetics, steroids in pills and there is one brand of   coffee where they have actually mixed Viagra into the coffee powder. It sells for RM6 per sachet !! I will not reveal the name here (because some of you dunggus will go looking for it). If you have heart issues or a blood pressure problem you could get killed.

The person who shared all this info with me said that many of these products have been banned. But that RM6 per sachet Viagra laced coffee is still available.  It is being sold through some kedai runcit and local kedai kopi.  Where is the enforcement? 

But there is something else going on here.  Local folks can get easily taken for a ride. They can get easily cheated by religious conmen who know how to exploit religious sentiments. They can get easily cheated by bomohs and jin toyol conmen who exploit peoples’ fear of the non existent and the irrational. 

And the politicians also exploit the same sentiments. Bila orang begitu rela dan mudah ditipu – maka mereka akan ditipulah. 

When you refuse to think, you will get cheated.