What is the personification of stupidity?

If you are talking about Politics, that will be Najib. That he can think he can get away with stealing billions from the national coffers.

If you are talking about PDRM’s IGP …that will be Khalid the Twit who thinks that his duty to King and Country includes polishing the backside of Mr Kepit. 

If you are the AG…that will be Apandi. The image below explains all!

And if you are a husband? A rich, a supposedly powerful and protected by the “powers that be” husband (not any more!!!)? What does this stupid husband do?

Stupidity is doing a video of you having sex with your mistress/girlfriend, download it to a thumb drive and then have your wife find it. The very same wife that you have pronounced Talak Satu upon. What then, do you think, your wife will do with that thumb drive? Tendered it as evidence of your infidelity in court during a custody battle for the kids…of course! Would you expect her to do less?

That thumb drive stays as evidence with the courts.

Now, not only are there leaks from the Malaysian Cabinet, but you and I know that Malaysians are notorious “leakers” of anything that can make them a ringgit or two.  What happens when, a good samaritan who wants the ex husband to stop persecuting and prosecuting his ex wife has, by hook or by crook (most probably the latter!!!)…. has possession of those porn pictures and porn tapes and wants to do something with those tapes to get that matalamat…to get the ex husband to stop persecuting and prosecuting his ex wife? 

I do not know the full story guys, but I have the tapes. I am now waiting instructions of what I am to do with those tapes. No, it is not against the law in Australia to have possession of porn. Any amount of porn. I have not had a look at the tapes. When you see no evil, you can do no evil nor say any evil. I was told to wait for “instructions”. When I have to wait…you guys too have to wait. So let us wait together. After seeing the tapes….then the see no evil and do no evil part becomes academic. Meanwhile sabar menanti….

Sounds familiar?  Ya lah….it is the life of the rich and famous in Malaysia with pictures…stills and moving….until then sabar menanti….ini kes pukul Isteri, dera isteri atau, orang putih kata, “harrassment and/or intimidation”…. etc etc etc.